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Zoo Holy things,tyef of Chrift. weake Chriftian, Who offering according to his ability, is refpeeted according to that he bath, not according to that hee hathnot. 3. The third thing after the cure is to avoid the company of lepers, i. Cor. 5.11. If a man be an incorrigible finner,let him be to thee as an heathen or Publicans, Mott, i 8,17. A good letfon for Matters of families to sail out leprous perlons from the refl. It is incredible what mifchiefe one fwearer, one drunkard, one wanton, one profane beat} may doe in anbode. We have notmoreufually feene an whole houfe infeaed,and poifoned up byone plaguie perfon : thenwhole houles corrupted by Tome one leud perfora ; which fuffered (asone (wine in a garden) roots upall that is good. So much ofholy perlons : Now follow holy things. CHAP. XVII. Holy things, types of Chrift. HAving now intreated at large of fuchholy perform as wee have feene expreffe types of Chrift; The fecondgenerals head enI eth, which is to fpeake ofho) things. All which in the old Teftament, and jewi(hpo- licy did efpecially aime at, andpoint out Chrift after a farreclearer manner thendid the former. And therefore for the confirming of our faith in the newCovenant, we mutt goeon to thew the correfpondence andagree- ment of the Scriptures inboth Teftaments : And that Çhrifl; is the farne in both ; and the faithof beleevers the fame in fubftance, onely differingin the maserofex- hibition andpublication. A man that íùperficially bookes over the bookes of itillofes, and fees fo great an heape ofceremonies and ordinances,