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Circumcifion, a typeofthrift. Sacraments of the Cloud and the red Sea. 2. To the Paffeover and theLords Supper answered Mannah from heaven and water out ofthe Rock. Of thefewee mull (by Gods af1ì ance) fpeak in order, not what we might, for that were endleffe, but what we muff neceffarily, fo far as they preach Christ unto us, or may fet us nearer unto him. 2,05 CHAP. XVIII. Circumcifon, a Type. Herein i. What it is. 2. How it figures Chrif . 3. obfervations. I. elrcumcifionwas a facred rite ordained by God; wherein,by cuttingoff the foreskins of all the males ofthe jewes in theeighth day, the Cove- nant ofGodmade to &lbraham was fealed up tohim andall his pofterity. r . Afacredrite ordainedby God : God is the Author : For I. He only that canpromise and give thegrace, can Peale the Covenant. 2. o/Ibra- ham received it ofGod, Rem.19.1 i. therefore God gave it, 3. the inftitution is in Gen.i 7; where is the word of inftitution, I. in commanding, 2. inpremifing. 2. The fubjeet ofCircurncifion were all the males of Ifrael def. cendingofe.lbraham. For these must be diftinguifhed from all familiesoftheearth,Gen. i 7.4. Neither maywe thinke that women wereexcluded out ofthe Covenant ofgrace, for they werecôprehended under theCircuit). ci(ionofmales.And God (pared the weaker fexe;becaufe it was enough to bring them within the number of esibrahams pofterity, to be borne ofthe males circa cifed. Betides, as the males carry a fpeciall type andere* Iemblance Definitionof Circumcision expounded in parts. Y .MandatO. z.PTflmiJo.