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zad ThePaffeover, a type ofChrifl. CHAP. XIX. The Paí1eover, a type. T He fecond ordinary Sacrament of the Jews, lively reprefenting jefusChrih, was the Paffeover,inftitu- ted, Exod. i z, to bea lively type of Chrif#. Chrit our Popover it facrificedfor us. The name of this Sacrament hath in it the occafion, for it was (by God) therefore inhituted in memoriall of their great deliverance in igypt,when the defiroyingAngel (who flew all the firh borne in /Egypt in one night) paired over all the Ifraelites houles, whole doores and polls were firiked with the blood of the Pafchall Lamb flaine and eaten in that houfe . Wherein the godly Jews were not to fixe their eyes in that externall figne, or the tem- porary deliverance fignified ; but to call their eye of faithvpon theMeffiah and true Pafchall Lamb ; bymeans of whom, the wrath and revenge of God paffeth over all thofe, whole foules are fprinkled with his blood, and who by true faith feedupon him. And therefore,how- foever the word, Paffeover, bath in Scripture many fig- nifications, both properand figurative ; I underhand by it the whole inhitution of' God concerning the iamb called Pafchall. In whichwe (hall fee Iefus Chrihmoll lively pourtrayed beforevs ; and that this one legali sa- crament preached ( not obi-curdy ) to the ancient Iews, the wholedolrineof the Gofpel, and grace offalvation by theonely faffering of Iefus Chrill'. This will appeare in five things. I. In the choice of theSacrifice. 2. In the preparing of it. 3. In the effufion of blood, and anions about ir. 4. In the eating and conditions there- in. q. In the fruits andufe. SecE