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Cloud and Fire,types of hri/1. per, andnot Bate the flefh ofChriR by the Sacrament : Thouhaft beene at the Supper of theLord) but haft not tattedof his Supper. 3 CHAP. X X. The t iaar ofCloud andFire, a Oype. OF the ordinarySacraments of the Iewes,pointing at Chril, we have fpoken: Nov oftheextraordinary. Of there force are anfwerable to theIewes circumcifìán and our Baptifine ; as i. thePillar of Cloud, 2. the red Sea : Some to the T ewes Pa{feover andour Supper; as r. Mannah from Heaven, 2. water out ofthe Rocke. The ground of this diftinctionwehave in, .t Cor. so.2,3: where the Apoftle leads us by the hand to the diftint`t confiderationofthefe Sacraments. Firft ofthe Pillarof Cloud and fire,under which the Fathers oftheeidTeRa- ment werebaptifed. When the Lord in his wife provi- dence appointed to lead the children of Ifrael (for the fpace of forty yeares) through adry, uncouth, and terri- ble wilderneffe,himfelfe undertocke to be their guide, and for their certainedirection in their way, appointed them this vifible figne ofhis prefence for their motion 1 or Ration, bynight or by day, through all theirpilgri- mage : concerning this Cloud let us enquire r. of the kind, 2. ofthe difference betweene it and other clouds, 3. of the ufe of this cloudy Pillar, 4. how a type of Chrift. I Q cß. What kindeofCloud was this ? slafw. Not naturall, but fupernaturall andmiracu- lous yea one ofthe roue great miracles that the Lord continued all the while oftheir Iourney , which was R Z forty Cloud and fire types:eound. ï. What Cloud it Kas.