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The Red Sea, a type ofChrift. l 257 3. As Ifrael mull watch this Pillar night and day, and frame their whole courfe unto it for motion or Ration, for actionor for refl: fo mufl we to Chrifl (our Pillar) in the Scripture. Bleffed is the man that meditates in the Law ofthe Lord night and day. And as they muft give diligent heed both day and night to be ready for their journey whenfoever the cloud fhould moove;and there- fore are laid to keepe the Lords watch, Num 9. 19. fo muft we alwaies watch, and be in a readineffe ; becaufe we know not when the Matter of the houle will come, at even or at midnight, at the cockcrowing or in the dawning,(Mar. 1 3. 35 . Remember for conclufron; that bleffed fhall that fervant be(andheonely) whomhis Ma- iler (when hecot meth) findethwell doing. CHAP. XXI. The Red Sea, a type. T?1efcond extraordinary Sacramentof the Old Te- ítament, poynting unto jefus Chrift, was the Red See; which being miraculoufly divided by God, the 1 f- raelites(purfued bythe Egyptians) paffed thorough the midi ofit, Exod.i 4. xa. Now for our profitable and fruitfull beholding thisgreat worke of God, wee will confider it, I. as amiracle in itfelfe. a. as a type and fig- nificationofChrift. 3. as applyable to our felves in fome profitable obfervations. I. In this great miracle are many miracles As i.That fo vaft a fea fhould bee devided with the liftingup of a rod. For the breadthof that Sea, where Ifrael went over, was (by computation ofProlomyand other Geographers) twelveor fifteeneGermanemiles, at lean thirty fixe ofours; fo Chytreus upon this place. S z;that Red fea a type ofChrifi. Miracles in the miraculous di- viding ofit.