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Manna, 4 type ofChri/ls learne, t. To labour for increafe offaith:for byfaith theypared through the Redfea,Heb. t t .29. So nauft thou get faith for thy ve(l'ell to paffe thee through. Faith in tryall is a great viF ory;in the bottomeofthe fea,indee- pe afflictions it is molt glorious. It is nothing tobe- leeve in properity : but in defperation tobeleeve,in the bottome ofthe fea to {landftill,yea in thebottome of hei tohope for heaven , there is faith. 2. To loyne to Gods people. Let not the 'Egyptian thinke the way is made for him. Except thou goefr out with Ifraell (as Exod. t 2.38.) the fea will know thee for an /Egyptian, andcover thee. 3. To get God their guide, and to follow him. Neither Noah upon the topof a world of feas, nor Ifrael in the bottome ofthe fea (hall mifcarry, ifGod become the Pilot. Follow thy guide,goe on for- ward,feate not, rear inGod for fafety in extreame dan- ger,and thou art the fitteft for his helpe and deliverance. See 2. Chro.2o. i z. We know not what todoe, but our eyes are towards thee. z65° CHAP. XXII.í Manna, a Type ofCbrt/1. Herewere among the jewes two extraordinary Sa- craments which Pealed upunto beleevers their con- tinuall nourifhment and prefervation in grace by the free Covenant of God in the Meflìah. The former was Manna fromheaven :the latter,the water out ofthe rock: Both of them molt lively fètting forth jefusChrilt, the true bread and water of life to ancient and prefent be- leevers. In which fence the ApoiAle (I Cor. ro. 3.4.) calleth them firituallmeat,andfpirituall drinl¿. The Story of Manna is recorded, Exed, t 6,14. The proper Minna a type ofChriít.