Tailor - Houston-Packer Collection BT225 .T37 1635

4 CHRIST REVEALED 0 THE OLD TESTAMENT EXPLA INED. ATreatifeof the Types and Shadowes ofour SAVIOVR contained throughout the whole SCRIP TITRE: All opened aud made ufefullfor the benefit ofGods Church. By THomAs TAILORD.D.late Preacher at ALDERMANBVRY. Perfeaed by himfelfe before his death. HIERON. ad PAVL IN. Inprompts eft Levitiew liber, in quofingulaAcráficia,irno fingrilx pait',Iyllabx,&veftise,14ron,& toots ordo Levitkllsfpirant cce- lefliafkrarnenta. LONDON, printed byM. P. for R. DirplmanandL.Favne at the figne of theBrazen ferpent in Pauls Churchyard. M DC XXXV.