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288 Z!`TaCer out ofthe Rock, type p and doth for ever preferve his word preached ; and in- (tinned Sacraments in which he perpetually holdeth this mercy before the eyes of theChurch. Let us raife mo- numents of Gods mercies to our felwess and not forget letter favours i we would not forfeit them : But finch a mercyas this is in jefas Chrifl the true Manna, let it live inour hearts, in our memories, fences, affeElions, ac4i- ons, in walkingworthyof it ; for thus it becommeth the juft to be thatnkefWI. C:np. XXIII. rarer out ofthe Rock, a type. He fecond extraordinary Sacrament fealing up to Water out of Ifrael their nouri[hment and ílrength in theCove_ the Rock, a nant, was the water out of the Rock!. After the Lord had type' brought Ifrael through the dangerousSea, bee brings them to Eh m, a tweet and fruitful! place, where were twelve fountaines of water, and feventy Palme trees, there they camped and breathed , Exod. 15. 27. Not long after they mull come into the dry defart of Sin, where they want both breadand patience ; ¡for they mur- mure againfl God, and exclaime againít Mofes and 1a- ron. At this time the Lord feeds their bellies, and fills themwith miracles ofwhich Manna was full.Thenceat Gods commandement mull they come unto Rephidim, Exod,i7.r. Here have they bread from heaven, but no water, Now contend they as fat} with Mofes for water as before for bread. And as thirfl is themoreeager ap- petite, fo it ineagers their affcciions that ulTofes corn- plaines toGod they are ready tokill him. Godfees their rebellion andputs it up ; and inflead of revenge of their horrible obílinacy and ingratitude, fatisfies their thirll asl