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Iofeph a type of Grifi. which was betweenethe ten /fries and the two, llttsns.i 3. If thou fee not themeanes for thy deliverance, goe to the Mountah a there is a Ramme for Ifzac : halten thy obedience, and God which fet thee onworke, will ha- ften thy deliverance. CHAP. VI. 5. Ioreph a type ofChrift`, 4. Tayes. I. 'J regard of his perfon. r. iofeph was the firft borne of the beloved Rahel, as Chrift was the firft borneof the freely beloved Mary. z. Beft be- loved of his father, Genef. 37.3. figuring Chriftwho was declared the nrelbeloved in whom his ratherdeligh- ted, Matth. 3.e 7. .; Hee was verybeautifull, Gen. 3 9. 6. and his internal' beauty was more then his ex- ternal' : Chrift was more beautifull then theTonnes of men, and makingus beautifull in his beauty. 4. Io- feph was endued with fuch a meafure of' wifedome and underftanding as nonewas likehim, inwhomGods Spirit was. For whichcaufe hee wascalledZaphnath- paaneah, verfeq.s. that is; an expounder of fecrets : fi- guring Chrift in whom were treafuxes of wifedome, and theSpirit beyond all meafure ; who is thereforecal- led the great Counfeller, and the Lambeonely worthy to open the booke, whoonely hath the keyof David to open the feeret myfteries of falvation. S. In /swabs laft Teflameut, Iofeph is called a fruitful' bough, whole branchesrunne upon thewall, becaufe out of him bran- ched two tribes, Ephraim andManafeh, therein hee was a type of' Chrift, who is not a fruitfull bough ertely, but a root fromWhom all the tribes of God branchout and flourifh. And whereas thofe tribes are come to D nothin ; lofty, a type of ( luift 4.evayes. J. Gen.3o.z4. Lake 1.18. Decrwfcie, puldf'iormcnte. Gen.4r.38. Gen.49.:z;