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40 Mofes a type ofChrtf. that tohim which is fpokenofIofeph, Gen.5 0.19. Ís not he for ue under God ? 4. Let his gracious prorrüfes comfort and feede us,as Iorephs brethren were comforted by his, Gen. So. 2.1. S. Offer him fuch gifts as wee have, prayer,prayles, duty, endeavour. Be encouraged, Iofephwill accept fmall and meane gifts from brethren, although he need them nor, Gen.43. s. Our Iofeph de- fpifeth not a graine of race,not fmoaking flax. Mores a type of Chriít,4.waies siíxiles;nonpares. Y, CHAP. VII. 6: Moles a type of Chr, 4.,aies. Ofes was a type ofChrifk. Deut. r 8. i 8.4 Prophet will I raite ty like unto thee : Here is a fimilitude a likeneffe, no parity no egrality. This is the difference: Chrift is worthy of more glory then Mofes, Heb. 3. 3. For Mofes was meere man : Chrift God as well as man. Chrift theBuilder of Gods houle, Mofesbut afone in it. Chrift atonne in thehoule : Mofes but a fervant. Chriff the Lord of hisowne houfe being theChurch : Mofes a fervant in his Lords houle. Now let us fee wherein the fimilitude is. T. In his perfon and effare. 1. Mofes was of meane parents and birth : So was Chriff ofa poore de- cayeA and dryed flocke, and borne of a poore Virgin, who at her purification brought a pagre of Doves, a gift appointed for poore perfons, Luk.t.z4. Whereas rich folkes mull bring a Lamb ofayeare old, Lev. i z.6. z. Motes was no fooner borne but he was expofed to the cruelty ofKing Pharaoh, and fought out to death: So Chrift in his infancy was fought by Herod to bee. gaine. But both by Gods extraordinary and elpeciall providence Paved anddelivered, that both might bee faviours