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42 Execution faithfull for matter and manner. rrof redenptia. nia,fedrelationis. Mofes a type of chr/1. rence, Chrift wrought, by his ownepower : Mofes by Chritf. 3. Both joyfully executed their office whe- ther weconfider the matter, or the manner. i. For thematter. 1. Mofes brings glad tidings to the I frae- lites oftheir deliveranceout-of Egypt, and that from God, Exod.z9.3o. Chrift brings from God the glad ti- dings ofeterna1 falvation, and deliverance from the fpirituall Egypt andbondage under Phari®h ofhell to all the elea ofGod. 2. Mofes received fromGod anddelivered to his people the Law,and was a Mediator betweene God and his people. Gal. 3.19. the Law was delivered in the handofaMediator : that is, Mofes, as Ails 7.38. NowMofes was Mediator of theOldTeffa- ment,not a mediator ofredemption, but ofreceiving the lawand delivering it to the people, ffanding betweene Godand them, as his mouth to them,and theirs to him: But Chriff our true Mofes, T. not onely receives the Law, but fulfils it. 2. When (M'tofes hadbroken the tables, to thewhowwee in our naturne had broken the Law, our true Mofes repaires it againe. 3. He writes the Law net in tables offfone, but in the tables ofthe hearts ofbeleevers. John 1. 17. the Law was givenby Mofes, but graceby Chriff. Mofes could not pearce the heart, nor fupply grace tokeep theLaw. 4. He is Me- diatorofanew Covenant, and furetyofabetter teffa -. rnent,Heb.7.23.and 9.1 S. 3.Mofesgives Ifrael an excel- lentpatterne of theTabernacle,and all theutenftls to the very leafpines aboutit:But our Mofes delivers a perfec dot`trin from heaven,andcertaine and perpetual rules for theworfhip ofGod tohis Church and the wel ordering ofit even in the fmalleff things. And as nothing was left whichmuff not be framed to the patrerne feene in the mount : Sobathnot Chriff left the worfhip ofGod in whole orpart, in great or (mall matters to the liberty ofinen;for thenheIhould havebeene leffe faithfull then Aefes. q,.. Mofes inaituted the Paffeover and facri- fices