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EpiffkofS. PaultoTitus. CHAP. I.6. in theperfon ofthe Iviinifier, as though theverie calling could exempt him from finne, which we fee the callingofthe very Apofiles could not doe. Husband ofone wife] Hailingheard what is generally requiredof eue- ry Mini ller that he be vnblameable: Nowwe arc with the Apofile , to defcend to chofeprivate vercues which concerne his economical! admi- nitiration. And thofe in this verle are two ; the former concerning him- felfe, in preferuinghis owne chaftitie: the latter refpe&eth the perlons withinhis family,namely,his childrë,ouer whom he is to exercilèChri- than authoritie,gouerning them as a father, who is a Minifier : framing themto dude towards God ,and himfelfe,and trayning themvp careful- ly in the doétrine both offaith andgood manners. For T. concerning theirreligion ,itisrequired that they be faithfull children. 2. For their manners they mull be, T. temperate , 2. obedient. And both of thefe declared in their contraries whereof they mull be free : as 1. they nrufl not beflandered ofriot, which is a lauifhwalling, and a needles fpending of goods : a. notd :fobedient,but fuch aswill endure the yoke. Thefe two vercues mull efpecially be exercifedof euery one that is tobe a Mi- nifler ofChrilt:the formerofwhich beautifieth his own perfon; the lat- ter graceth his family;and both of them adorne his calling and profcffi- on. To vnderfiand the former aright,wemuff firtt remooue the falle inter- pretations;and z.propoundand eflablifh the true fenfe; and then come vnto the doe-trines. And firfi where the Apofile requireth that theMini - fier be the husband ofone wife:the Papilla interpret it moll ridiculoufly ! what the eve in an allegorie,aßîrmingthatPaulameaningis that anElder moll haue m{r/èois. fasliai. but one wife,and that mull be his Church. But the (copeof the place is (ìe not to anfwer the queflion, whetherone miniller may haue two Chur- Not one chug: ches or no; but what a one he ought to be for the gouernement ofhim- felfe andhis,that is to be let over any people. 2. What meaneth it that this husband may haue faithful! children;ifhe may not haue a wife other then the Church ? If it be faid,that by thefe children muff be meant the faithful! and the children ofGod begotten in the Church:! anfwer, that the fame Apofile to Timothie, cutteth the finewes of all filch cauills; where he expoundeth the fame precept necefiarily to be meant !it seral- ly , andnot in this allegorie ; by the reafon of it annexed,forifhecannor t.rim.3.:. gonerne his moat houfe,how(hall hegouerne the houfeofGod ? Secondly,others fay,he mull be the husband ofone wife onely, and Not co exclude that after the firll he may not haue afecond. Which opinion c7Wontantst nt?am,r,or tit,/ marriage of and Tertullian extended toall forts ofrnen :the Grecians after refrained i;tocawiEe it to the Clergie:and the Romanillswere ready bough to take it vp,an d ßi11 95 _