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''''. 05,1 1n1rrek7i)M4:3 .1)CEOVVARP`4 . TO THE CHRISTIAN Aeade,,, grace andPeace, ìthall F other blefngs accompatgina faluation. He whole Scripture is the rich treafurie of thegreat King ofglorie, wherein not oneFind ofpreciousfloe or mettalis laid vp, or inone roome, but infundrie draw- ers asinfundrycaskets, manyfeaerall ?caries and pre- ciotu things are refereed, andfafey laid vpfor the vfe i Scripeura coat. of the Church of God. In one place lyeth thefemmeof ; ,° ,ño=teat holydoflrine,another holdeth theprecepts ofgodly life, documcncorum Inone corneru therefutationofadulterate anderroni- 5afimag in c.Pfaó out do&lrine:In another the reprehenlion ofimpure d, fcandalotu life./Indas all the partsof Chrifiianitie are diffinEl onefrom another,fo lie they here or there in thefe richeeffer diflinEl, foat emery Chriflianmay drawe out inflruCtion, di- reEiion, and confo ativ according to his owne necefftie. This Epiffle breathed from thefamefiirit, andbearing thefamefuperfcriptionwith all the rafi,herein difagreethnotfrom them; but asby the learned it is called an Abridgement of Epitome Pout,. all PaulsEpiales; fo is it fraught withfuch varietie ofprecepts fitted to all larnm epn1 o. forts,fexes, ages,andconditions ofmen,as whatfoeuerhe bath to allhis Eples more largely handled, thefame hefeemeth tohauefummariy reduced into toit one: wherein as in a mappe or modellhe would deliuer his whole[pipit,flyle, and vnderflanding in the doílrine offaluation: e/Indwhich hee would !cane to the Church, as a manualior compendiousfumme ofall Chriftian religion,ta the end that Chri/lians beeing hence inffru/led in the matterof faith and manners, might be made not oneywife tefaluation, but profitable and fit for the place which Godbath in any of thefocietiesof r. Church, a. Commonwealth, 3. Familyafgned them vnto. For ifsn any heeenlarge thedoElrine ofmans tnife- rie byPinne, or magnifie the doClrine ofthe Gofoel andmans deliuerance from finne: ¡fin any he cleare the doElrineoffree ixfifcationof faith alone, or en- force the do/lrine ofgood workes thefruiter ofthatfaith: Ifin any he largely propoundeitherfachduties as belong topublike perlons, as namely , the Ma gi- firates, and Miniflers, orPoch offices as arefitted to the fenerail conditions of primate men. Ifin any he ?remaketo theprailifeof Chrifliancurtefie and kind- nete: or el fe(i fneed reguire)ofChriianfemeritie andf harpeneffe:furey inthis 9 i