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EpsftleofS. Paulto Tina. CHAP.i.6. wife; whydoth theApoflle vcterlyomit thatbothin this place,and that ofTimothie, and in both places only mention the gouernment of the children? Anf. i. That care is not excluded. z. The wife is not fo abfolutely put vnder gouernment as the children ; but is partly gouernour in the familie with the husband; and beeing the wife of a Minitler, is prefup- poled to be ofthat grace and wifedome,as that the is able to take vp her owne duty without fuch enforcement : and therefore the Apo(lle thin- keth it fufficient to (hewwhat aone the Minitlers wife ought to be , 1. Tim. 3. i r. But 3. andefpecially,becaufe in the gouernemenc of his children there is a more liucly refemblance, of fuch duties ofgouern- ment, which he isto difpenfe towards the Church. And ifwe looke a little nearer the words, we (hall fee that there is nothing enioyned the Mini(ler as a Father ofchildren,which bclongeth not vitro him as he is a fpirituall father of the children of God. For if we refpeel matter of in_ ftrudtion and doctrine, he mull hauefairbfull children: fo in the Church, by diligent teaching ofthe doe-trine offaith, muff he bring men vnto the faith: or it we looke at matter ofmanners,he muff doe two things: t. difplant vices,and plant thecontrarie vertues,that theymaynot beeoiccU- fedofriorsoeo or other vngodly courfes; which alto he mull publikely performe inthe congregationby the word ofexhortation and rebukes. correét and chaflife the obflinate and rebellious, that they be not difobe_ dient:and fo as Mínifier he hach a rod ofcorreótion, and the cenfures of theChurch to infliól vpon the obstinate. Now in the children ofIvfinitlers are required two things: i.for their infliturion,that they b ^,faithfull children: z.for their conuerfvion,they muff t.ot be,t.rioeos : a.dtfobedient. Byfaithfull chiidren,are meant fuchas beeing in(lruóted in the faith, are at leali in externall conuerfation, anfwerable to theprofcfiìon of the faith they make. Queff. But is it in the power of any Miuifter, or man to haue faithfull children: may not a goodman and a Minifier too haue moil graceles children ? Anf. There is no manbut he is to endeauour that his children may haue euPn thegrace offaith; which is further laid out ofhis power then by getting himfelfe within the couenár. But there is no good man,who bath it not in his power, to inulruet hischildren in the doEtrineoffaith:and alfo for outward order to make them confor- mable, and in Come rneafure anfwerable to that profeflinn, fo long as they abide vnder his rocfe. And if the Lord afterwards for fome vn- knowne, and fecret caufe by leauing them , (hew he bath no delight in them;fuch a father may herein comfort his confcience,that to his power he bath vied the bell meanes fJr their good. i op Dour. 1.