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CHAP. t.7. L.1Commentarie v en the 12= which we read feldome feparated in the Scriptures.See Ael. 20.28.Heb. 13.17. t.Tim.5.t7. I. Pet. 5.r. Thus runt/ crier), Minifierwhom the Lord bath madean ouerfeer of his people , match their joules uo thofe Heb 13.17, whd muff beesow;teablefor them : for if they die for want of food , and be famifhed; orelfe for want ofordering , ofadmonition, reprehenfion, correêìion, and cenfures according to Chritls holy inflitution : there blood (hall be required at the Paflors hand : for loolte what charge A- hab hadconcerning Benhadad , the fame hath eueryMini fler concer- t ning euery foule committedvnto him : Keepe this men ifhee be loft and ,.king.ao.;y. went, namely by thy default, shy lifeJimagoeforhis life. See alto Ezech.3. 18.19. Ofe. a. Whence it will follow, that looke howvnfit blind, or dumb A blind eye k a men are for a watchtower,fo vnfit are vnlearned and vnpreaching Mini- bie'nim Sebur- llers for their places. How can he be called an eye that hath no eye? how den in the na curallbody, mach more in the accicf,aai- cali. çen.;o.;e. Gfe. 2. can he be called a voice that is dumb ? how vnfairhfull is the fleepie watchman who that he may haue ea fecarech not to betray an wholeci- tie?How dangerousare they both?for if the eyebe darke, how great is thisdarknes?if the blind lead theblind,both fall into theditch. By both ofthemvifion faileth,&by both ofthem peopleperifh.See for thispur- pofe anotable allufion , Ifa. 56.9.1o. where the Lordcompareth his Church to a flockeoffheepe; the Preitis and Prophets to fheapheards, and fheapheardsdogges: the enemies ofthe Church to wolues and wild beafis : and becing offended with his people, hecalleth all thebeans of the field and forrefl, to deuoure andrauin,that is,the Chaldeans,A ffyri- ans,Antiochus,and the Romans;by al whom they were diuerfly oppref- fed: and the reafon is added,becaulc the watchmen were all aflcepe,the dogs were fleepy, and greedy dumb and barked not : cafe tooke vp fome,couetoutnes others;and therefore no remedie, ifchofe that fhould drive away enemies from the Lords folds cánot be at leafure to efpie the danger,but a fearefuli fpoile and detlruólion muff nee,des befall fuch a people.Which:fit be fo, then let eueryMinifier fir vp his watchfulnes and care,and though the faithful! difcharge ofhis duty cannot but pur- chafe him the malice ofmany, yet let himbe content to make exchange offuch friendsand freindfhip with the fauour of God, who as he bath committed his flecke vntohim, fo let him refolueand fay to the Lord as Iacob to Laban;Iwill feedeand keep thyCheep. In like manner let eue- ry congregation towhom the Lord bathgiuen a paflor according to his owne heart,teflifie their thankfulnes herein,inbeing contented to haue their waies looked into and fpoken of, as well concerning the miferable elateoffheepe without fhepheards;net Paying to the Seer fee not, leafs the plague befall thë pronounced apical the menofAnachoth: praying alfo