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To theReader. confeguents, obfcure places withplainer:andfgarattut, /peaches with morepro-1 per. 4.foundneRof indgement in the agreement and analogie offaith. ç, di- ligent ob(eruation ofpredil} ions with their accomplishments, oftypes with their l truth,and ofthehforie oftheChurch which itfelfe is a commentarieofScrip- tore , hone 6eene themfeiuesenabled tovnderfland: as altopartlyby liuely voice in the c Min f erie, andparty by their learned monuments and writings , to make the people ofGodvnderflandeuèn the darkeflmyferies contained in them, foforre ar is necefariefor thefaluationof beleeuers. whofe labours and wri- tings tocontemne, fauoureth ofa proud Anabaprtflicall fpirit , whowhile they complaint offo many Commentaries,def ifethegifts ofGod, which by his fer- leants he communicateth to his Charch,andfo are iußly left ofGod in the igno- rance ofthe Scriptures: orelfcin thegroffeand ridiculoserperuerting of them. Well faid that NobleEunuch, Howcan I vnderaand without an interpre- AM. ter ?what was Mofes but an interpreter of the Lave ? what were the Prophets but interpretersofc t(ofes? what was Chrisboot an interpreter ofthe Prophets? what were the Apoflles bat interpreters of Chrifl ? what are all Paflors and Teachers wherewithChrill bathewerfurnyibed his Church fence bee afcended intoheauen, but interpretersof the Apoflles ? Well knewe the Sonne of God ioh.s sA commaunding it, andhis Apoflles commending it, how behoouefull it was for the edification ofthe Church, by interpretation ofScriptures, todrawe out both the true fenfe, and the true vfe ofthem (which are the twoproper parts of in- ,The(tg,ty, terpretation) fetingfo many things are tovs hard to vnderßand, and thing; whichfor their fen f e are eafiefl, cannotfo eafy o fentry one be applyedto their proper vfe without this helpe. This it that edifyinggift which the eApofle fo highly aduanceth, i. Cor. 14. 3, 4. He that prophefieth fpeaketh vnto men toedifying, toexhortation, and to comfort: and, he that prophefi- eth edifieth the Church. This isthat which the auncient FathersVince the A- poflles hauefruitfully laboured in, as appeareth by their learned Sermons prea- chedand written. This is that which the faithfull` Paflors inall ages (especialy oflaterdaiesfence the cleare light ofthe Gofpell wanreflored) hauefo induflri- ouflyandhappily employedthemfelues in;ae there is almefl noplace inthe Scrip- tures fo hard, whether matter of hiflorieof things pall , or prophecie of fame thingsyet to come, veto which they haste not endeavoured tobring fume perfpi- cuitie andcleareneffe : as witnefaall theworthy Commentaries extant, which hauemoreopened the Scriptures within this lafl bundrethyeers,then in awhole thoufand andfame hundreths before. Newfittingbefore me thefingulargoad accrewing hereby unto the Chierch fundric waits, I thought that myfile couldnor more profitably befpeut then in this feruiceofthe Church ;normore acceptably lay out my Mailers talent then inadorning this worthy Epiflle, whichbathnot been by any beforemefo largely handled its here thouhail it. In the opening of which I haue examined the na- g 2 tore1