Taylor - Houston-Packer Collection BS2755 .T394 1619

AQxbr a7raVTedd 7f; 7tiA(9' '441N ,gâóy, COMME NTAR I E VP 0.7C THE EPISTLE of Saint PAUL written to TITVS. Preached in Cambridge by THo M A s- TAYLOR, and now publi(hed for the further vfe oftheChurch ofGod. REVIEWED BY THE AV THOR, andenlarged with folicnoter, andbefidrs the additionofmany hundrechs ofplaces ofScriprure,wich an Alphaba ticall table of thecheifeandme iobferuable points contained in the Book!. Eras. 4. 7. Vnto entryone ofvs isginengrace , according to the weafureof thegiftof ChrJ. PRINTED BY CANTRELL LEGGS, PRIN. ter to the Vniaerfitie of Cambridge. 1619. ,¢ J