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CHAP.!'.3. 44 Walke anfwe. table ro the lighrencrea- fing in Luka2.4g. t.knowledge. Aan.ta.9 Ezek.aa4L a.faith. Ifa.q;.t. ;.obcd:ence. Ioh.gd9. Hcb.a.;.and cap.u.as. Gods prosi- dcnce guideth all anionsand their circum (lances faeeles.I.t. ct Commentarie vpon the peace werenot hid from their eies. The light is out of requefl with a uumber;others thinke there is toomuch'manna; many looke backe into Egypt,to the darknesofPoperieand fuperflition :to whom I onely fay, let them beware leaf} with the Ifraclites , theyhaue their longing too f000e. Vfe. z. Hauing thereblefredmcanes offaluation, our part and dutie is,to endeavour to he anfwerablevoto them:for to whommuch isgiuen, fhallmaichhe required : and according to the encreafe of measles, the Lord looketh for encreafe of r. knowledge, 2. faith, 3. obedience. A lefre meafureofknowledge was accepted in the auncienc belecuers, then will or can be in vs ; teeing where there is a clearer light, men of right fight feemore diflindily: &here aboue all places and perlons in the land,we that line in tjae right eye ofour Realme,mufl looke to our felues: for ifto anyofvs, the word ofGod be a clafpedbooke, a parable, or if the Gofpell be afterfo long teaching hid , it is fó to them that perifh. Marke that when,orwhere(oeuer Prophets were fent toblind a people. deflruElionwas alwaies the next. Againe,vnbeleefein thefe dales is far more finnefull , then euer in any age before vs : for if they beleeuednot, theymight plead that they law not, or not : but we haue eui. dentlyfeene, and yet haue not beleeued ; theProphets complaint flan- deth in force againtl vs ,Who havebeleeuedour report , and towhom it the arme of God revealed ? Finally,in formerages many things might better be borne withal!, and were fo: for to flumble in the darke,is no great Manic: but to flagger and fall at noone day, argued] either blindnes or wilful! heedlefnes: yet how doe anumber liue, as though the light had difcouered no finne? what a fearefull condemnation hangerhoiler the heads of men fo ignorant , fovnthankeful againtl the light ? fome lone darkeneff e more then the light ,becaufe their deedes are cud : fame plead a. gainfl the light : fome light against ic,whofc cafe is moll fearefull : and all this while ifinenwere inuincibly ignorant, though their finne were not none,yet were it not fo grear:hutinfayinóthey fee as wel as the belt their finne remaineth. Libertines (whoby the abundance ofgrace haue a flrai terbond laid vpon them) turne all this grace into wantonnes:but ifthey efcapednot,who finned againtl the word fpoken by Angels,how (hall they efcape that negleli fogreat faluacion ?and ifto neglect faluati- on (hall be fo fearefully reuenged,how certaineand iull (hall their dam. nation be,that defpife it by ref:sliinghim thatfpea&çth fromheauen? Defir. a. The Lord ( who cloth not onely byhis wifdome order his greatefl works,but cuerycircumRanceofthem)effeélethall his prorni. fes,and purpofes in the due feafon of theta. To euery thing, faith Salo- n-man, there is anappointed time: that is, whatfoeuer in the world is done, Or