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&Elk .k k.ori anae4ktil 34,0 A TABLE ALPHABETI call of all the VoElrines , R.eaJonc, and Iller: lllu(3rations and Qleflions contained in this Commentarie: Together withluch textsofScripture a4 are expounded therein, which mayfeeme contrarie to the doltrines there delirsered. A ABigall: ofhergiteing againft her him- bands will. Pag.391 e.Acception : that Clod isno accepter ofper- fans Aeeufation:falfeacctefationcommittedfottre wages. 367. 368. Rules to Allard it. 369 Adam: two things befell vs by his finne. 668 Adulterie: how vileandodious afin it is. 3 87 Ali: howChrift died for all. 507. ARChri- filanwork_es belong toall Chriftians. 560. that minipiersmuff teachall the truth.68o that we mull. bewholly renewed. 649 Anabaptif c : their reafons why Chriftians need no mag:ftrates. 545 Avapxiu: that is, want ofgouernement, what it is. 556 Anger : howa minifler may beangry. a 3 3. haflines therto is agreatfault. 1 3 4.means to repreffe falfeanger. 238.139 Anfwer : wherein feruants may anfwer and not anfwer their mailers. 4'8 Apoflle:an Apofilesprioiledge.9. the diffe- rence betweenan Apof leanda `Paftor.7l. App areil. of apparell not vied in faith. 301 Application: meant! to apply Chrift wooo'er felues. 509 Approbation: what we maydoe to getappro. I2 bationbefore God. 66 Afisrance: it is twofold. 32 A.teott:tn : that the people moiattend the word. 287 B BAptifine: how it is the lamer of regenera- tion. 641. what it ferriesform them that are beleeuers alreadie. 644. that it wafheth not away originall liane. (4s. it ought not to beadminif redby women, 646. againft primate baptifine. ibid. that the Congregation ought not to depart f ü bayo- tifine. 64 the duty ofparents in time of baptifine. ibid. that all inwardgrace in baptifine is from the holy Ghofi. 6 o Barremoes, the maine carafes thereof. 663 73eleeurrs: that they are the moil precioua people on the earth, look_e the Epiftle dedi- caterie, pa g. 4.5. their priuiledge. 306. that to them the Commandementsof God are pof ible three ways. 457 Bt/hops, thefgnificatian of the name. I aE Bale bodies. 571 C G+Ailing: ofthemintgers Calling. ;3. 54. when and how=millers may commend their