Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

The Epifl1e thc4r CIJttrfo for God ~tnd he~tvcn: ~ foal/" (though with- much h~rdfoip). ar.rivc at the wifo.ed haven ofrcft and gl~rie. Hereupon it is, that mllny. a pen.re Chri11ian wadu a- ·gahzft the ftrettme, and labours ftill to approve himfelfeunto God,6y. honour and difoonoHr , . by good report and had report, b] the armour ofrightcoufnef[e onthe right hand,.. and on the left. So that hee may, "ht~tine that incorruptible cro-wne oflife, which is fot hefore him, he cares ?ZOt what paines he-e tak,ts in running, nor hnv hard cenfures · hee ~ndureth from c~rnall Jpellatours. That hce may not miftak!. his way, through hlsndcnejfc in. himfelf~, or ft-d(e guides ~&broad, hee ufoth the meant of found ami heavenly knowledge , and in them_ all iJ?.. treats the Lords he/pc and guidance, who alone is ab. le to direfl, comfort-, and jlrengthcn him. in.h.is pilgrimage: 11nd, wheH hee -obtaine.r. ,