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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!~l!t•~ ,. THE I? RI N·e·IP L ES OF · c,l-l 'R 1 5, T I A N PRACTICE• . Containincr the Infiitution ,·.. of a Chrifrian man, in twelve heads ofDoClrine:whichare ~ fet downe in the next fide. t--------- - r By T H o M A s TA y L oR n.l). ~t and late Pallor of AlJerman1 • bury London. ; Perfe£led 6y,himfolfe 6efore hu dece~tft· 1 ------------~------------ : Cypr. de zel. & tiv. , Ch1ijli ~~me~ · in~uere; ~non per C~ri~i viam per- . / gere J .fJUZ~-~ltttd q_u~~ pr~v1rtca1t~ eft dtvini : nomt?.tu,qt>~.1m deftrtto llmeru fo!utam? ' i l . L OND 0 N, ~ Pnnted by R. Y. for ]. Btt:rtltt1 in ~ Cheap-fide. at the: Golden-cup in Gold· ~ (mu:bs Row. I 6 3 r. ttttt~999t9?titi~t9tt~~W(o~• ,: e. I

I "----- .·· -~~~~~~~~~u~~~~u~u~~u~ · The Principles ofChriflian l'racl:ice: ontaining the Infiitutionof a Chrifiian 1 Man, or of a Difci pie [ of Chrifi: ~ In thefe chiefe heads of Do Brine.· t · J. Sel(e-Dcnia/1. - ~. T"-king up the Croffe. 3· Imitation of Chrift. 4· Life temporal! anderernall. 5. The worldJ worth!efneffe to afo~t!e. 6. The la {I judgement. 7· The kJngdome of Grace. 8. The Chrifl~n race. 9. The divine Teacher ~tnd J'thol!er. 10. Epicurifme dcfcri.Ged and tiifgraccd. 11. A!Jufo of the Creltt!lref, ~ \ - - un!awfu/1. 12.The PhyjitiAn offoulcs.

t9;j~~~~~.~~~~~~ T 0 THE RI G.HT WORSHIPFULL, Sill Eo\VARD CLERKE Knight, · one of the Mafiers of his MJjefiies Court of Chancery, and Steward of tbe Towne of Reding: And to his \VOrthie Conforr, the Lady A N N E C L E R K a :· all Happinefs. 0 N 0 URED Friends: By y-o~tr experienced k.jndneffe I ha-pe emboldened Rl'-~JJ:tO-~~~~ my [elfe at thu time, I'D prefont you with ll fow papers ofoJtr ancient fricnd,Reverend Do- -.t.lor T a; tor, whom alive you 6eard gl~dly . The (u~jell of t~em u,the Principles o~ Chn{ban Pratltce. A 11 Philo{ophie - fartb: foch as the Principles are, Juch A 2 lire

TheE pi file are the .Ajfellion.r, andthe Conc!ufion.r. The 'WDrldfeeth it in thofefamom divifion.r, ofGentilifme, Judaifme, Mah·omett[me, And Chrijfianifme: -wherein, tU any iJ mare throtlgh!J grounded, fo he u more refo!ved in himfe!fe,and dividedftomother.r. The Churchalfofleth and 6ewaileth it in her wofuH divijiont. To let paf[e the T6eorie, and confider the Pratl:ice (wherewith wee have now tu doe:) -wee foal/ eajily ob(erve in the courfo of Chriftian.r, that, tU they lq downe their Principles, andframe their plotJ and projeEl.r,{o their live.J~t/fo, anti particuiP~r pa.ffage.r thereof, are famed. The maine aime llnd' plot of 11 true Chrijfian iJ, to pleafo God 4ndfove hiJ. Joule . howfoever. Accordingly /;ee refolvn to denie himfelft, that hee ma1 give ttp himfolfe 'Jlthol!y unt1 God: hee feek!.r out after Chrill, nnd willget thu great pearle, though hee fell himfelfe out of all hil W()r/df.J endowment.!· ~tnd comfort.r: hee' meane.r afurward to follow ChrijJ,even through thzck! am:l thinne,

Dedicato-rie. obtaines. this, bee fo<ots it lu fl ily along, till in thefl·r-ait way, though rQugh, andfull uftrojJes, hee get.s into his Fathers lJntfo, where zs hre~d enottgh , and comfirt ~ ~nd gl~rJ. Andwhereas in.his travel· ling hee efpies a numher offenruall Jude 19 • men, who are wholly tak.tn up with their pl(afures,. trea[11re s, hono.Hrs, . friends,jutflings , or other trifos, thefe hee pitietiJ, ~end pray~th for them, and refolveth for his owne parr, not to entllngle himfolfe with 1 · the a ./f.li:u ofthis lift, t hflt h~ TIMJ r p1eafe h11n wha h~tth chofln hzm to. T" · l . 1 . 2. 1m.1. 6e ~ (ou aser. Thjs is the difpDjition, ~end thefethe IHh~tviours ofa Chrijfia11 well principled and hottomed: The effe- j Elingwhereof, hoth the Authour j intended in preachi»g thefo things, And I IIO)P iHtend iN,... pu6/1fl;ing ~ them: together -with.encouragement . . to ~tll thtJ(e., ~h? jland _(loutlj, '»~i.ftl], llndconflantly to their own A 4 Principles,

The Epifl1e thc4r CIJttrfo for God ~tnd he~tvcn: ~ foal/" (though with- much h~rdfoip). ar.rivc at the wifo.ed haven ofrcft and gl~rie. Hereupon it is, that mllny. a pen.re Chri11ian wadu a- ·gahzft the ftrettme, and labours ftill to approve himfelfeunto God,6y. honour and difoonoHr , . by good report and had report, b] the armour ofrightcoufnef[e onthe right hand,.. and on the left. So that hee may, "ht~tine that incorruptible cro-wne oflife, which is fot hefore him, he cares ?ZOt what paines he-e tak,ts in running, nor hnv hard cenfures · hee ~ndureth from c~rnall Jpellatours. That hce may not miftak!. his way, through hlsndcnejfc in. himfelf~, or ft-d(e guides ~&broad, hee ufoth the meant of found ami heavenly knowledge , and in them_ all iJ?.. treats the Lords he/pc and guidance, who alone is ab. le to direfl, comfort-, and jlrengthcn him. in.h.is pilgrimage: 11nd, wheH hee -obtaine.r. ,

Dedicato·rie. obtaines. this, bee fo<ots it lu fl ily along, till in theJfr-ait "WI1lJ, though rtJugh, and full uftrojfos, hee get.s into his Fathers hntfo, where zs hread enottgh , and comfirt ~ ~nd gl~ry. And whereas in. his travel· ling hee efpies a numher offen(ua11 Jude 19 • men, who are wholi.J tak.tn up with their pltafores,. trea[11re s, hono.Hrs, friends,fe;,flingJ, or other trifos, thefe hee pitietiJ, (tnd pray~th for them, and refolveth for hiJ owne parr, not to entllngle himfolfe with r the a Jf-liru ofthis lift' tluu be may r p1eafe him wha h~tth chofln him to. T" · 6 l . 1 . 2. 1m.1 e~(ou~ser. Thjs iJ the difpDfttion, 1tnd thefethe heh~tviours ofa Chrijfia11 well principled And hottomed: The ejfe- 1 fling-whereof, hoth the Authour- 1 intendedin preachi»g thefo t hing,1, ~nd I 1IO'W intend in, pu61tfojng ~ them: together "With encouragement . . to 11/l thtJ~, '¥lfhp jland _(loutlj, )l?ifti.J, llndconflantly tot heir own A 4 Principles,

The Epi~Ie Principles, whatever the affollionJ and flonclujionJ oftlu world he to-w~rd them. 71ut tm the other fide, numPer.r ofmen and womtn, mi!fing ofthefe Principle.r, and falling ~tpon other rwbich are dcceitfult,doe fPcnJ their livu in mnrc Vtt'f'itin, and loft 6oth God and their foule.r 6efore - they arc aware. Somemeane to ~ee· rich ho-wfoever, cfieeming wc11lt6 t11 6e the 6/e.ffednes of man: acc(}rding to which ,ground~ they flick! not jtJr injuflice ,/)ri6ery,oppre.f!ion, cheating, and other indireEl art.r of getting . Other.r attend their plea.. forn, find account it h(lppincJTe to · live deticioufly for t~;/eafon: which' therefore the] will enjay, though with u~tcleanneJfe, intempera~ HnthriftinejJe, prodigalitie; other .' ftnne.r, and tota!l(orgetfu/n~/Je of the Afflil'ttions ofJ ofeoh. Others admire the honourJ of the world, or credite with men ofthe 'WDrld , or appl~ufo

Dedicato·rie. o6taines. thiJ, hee fo<ots it lu fl ily along, till in theJfr-ait way, though rtJugh, andfull nftrojfos, hee get.s into his Father! h~ufo, where 11 hread enottgh , and comfirt ~ ~nd gl~ry. AndwhereaJ in. his travel· ling hee efpies a ,;umher of fenfhall Jude I 9 • men, "Who are wholi.J tak.tn up with their pit afore~,. treafnre J, hono.Hrs, . friendJ,je;~flingJ, or other trijkJ, thefe hee pitietiJ, ~nd pray~th for them, and refolveth for hiJ owne parr, not to entllngle himfolfe with r the aJf.li:u of this lift' tluzt h~ may r p1eafe hrm wha h~tth chofln hzm to. T" · . 1 . 2. 1m.1 6e a (oultiter. Thjs is the difpDfttion, 1tnd thefethe heh~tviourJ of a Chrijfia11 well principled And hottomed: The ejfe- 1 Eiingwhereof, hoth the Authour j intended in preachi»g thefo t hing,J, ~nd I 1IO)P intend in, pu6!1fl;ing ~ them: together with encouragement . . to all thtJ~, ~hp jland _(loutf.J, '»?ift!J, llndconflantly tot heir own A 4 Principles,

The Epiflle companie fPeakn well of good men, and g9od thi,.,gs, in llHrJther compr:tnie quite othcr1Pifo, pretends God/11nd intends himfolfe, in fine, mak!_s nothing ofhu religion, M~d if the -,:,i,.;dc forve right, hee will till:.! tbe next occajion to _flrife! ~ faile , and become 11 Perfocutour of religion ~tnd re li gioH! pc~fon.r. The lik$ of many Apojfatu. what other c~uft can 6e givcn;why numbers ofC hriflians fall off from _ rhe profe./fron or obedie11ce of the Goftell _, but th.ft they never learned well and throNghly thRfe Principles of Chrifl:ian Practice, to denie th(mfolves, to tak.! up their crojfe, to follow Chrifl, to loo.k! , to the welfare oftheir JouleJ· howl foever, to provide for the day of \ their accounts, to run andftrive . la'"fulfJ , to depend on God .6y · prayer for direllion and ble/fing, and to (ave shemfelvn from thi.J _ Hntoward generation, of Epicures 1 and

Dedicatorie. ~tnd -w~r!dlin[,J ? i[thefe grer~ntl:s h~td 6eene well !~id, they h~ed never left offhui!ding fo fo~tmefully, tJJ now have done : nor hitd t,heir houfe came tumblsng upon their heads, 6ut thltt their foundation 11!r:ts laid in thef;mds, Others there ~tre, th~et a/Jufe good Pri.11ciples ( a1, concerning the infinite mercie ofGed, and merit ofChrift:) or fettle upon f~Z/fo 11nd in{ufficient PriNciples, outward pro[peritie, deliverance out of trou6!e and dr:tngcr, example of the multitude,rulers,prett-chers ,and the lik.! ; there6y 6e!ftering up themfelves, eit~er in grojfe profanenefs,or a refined Atheifme, till their Joules he utterly loft, unlejfe the mercie and grace of God doe greatly prevent them. They are thrice happie, who are thm prevented. It id the Lord only, -wh(Jgives m both a Sllviour , ai'Ja the ftnowleJge if folvation , ~tnd wi.fodome

The Epill:Ie, &c. wife dome to attend our Princi pies ~tright: h~e d~th it f()r m,and muft therefore have all ti:Je glory. To his gra(e and mercie I commend you 6oth( my much re[peiled Friend!:) ,intre,:tting your accept~tnce gf this [mall prefent , andpardon jfJr thiJ l.zrge Preface. The Lr;rd often renew your yeare s upon you, with all heavenly and earthly 6le[iin,gs , andpeace upon Sien.So prayeth, Tour Wo : rtn#mbrancer with God, WI l LIAM J~MMAT. Hleworth. Dec.2o. 1634.

·rHE CONTENTS. OH THrs BO-OKE. ·The tnftiturion ofaChrifi:ian man in twelve heads efDotl:'rine•. r C""rHtd~~ri~eof[elfi-tltnia:l,outofM~r. 16;;1_4. 1 wlmem ~~ Jhewed, w'ho arc Chnfts Difciples. pag!.-6· Wh:n things felfe-dcnyal~cemprehcnds• pag.1 f . ·Thed:fficulrie ofthisdutie. 1 8' The nc.ceffitie of denying our feJves. .2. 1 Mifchiefes ofnot beginning in this dutie~ .2.f · .Helps to further us therein. 29 Moti,vestodcnyourfelves. 3$ ·· Notes (>)fone th3t denieshirnfHfe. 39 z. ThedoCirineoftakinuptbeCro[ft, outo{tbt - fl;mtv(rft, where i& ]hewed, What rhe Crofieis. 46 Why called the Crdle. 47 · ·;,. Wh:nitis totakcitup. -t8 ~ V.'hy t:lkcit up daily. \ r:z. . That every Chrifii:m barb his Crorre. ibid That we mufi bothbeare &take up the crofte. 6'·1 Me~ll1e sto be willing fo to doe. 70 3· TherloClri;ze offo!lowif1g Chrift, _ . Ourofthefome vrrfe. · ~hcrezs Pr1en·td, I~ wh~t \~e murt follow Chrifl~7~ In.ll:mCe$ ofChnfts pietie nnd ch3ritie. . 77 D1efor th~ brethrcn,3s Chrift'did. , 8$ How Cimfi can and ruuftbcfollowcd. . 87 Motives to follow him. 9t · I , , a Danger

The Table. · Danger ot not fo}lowi~g ~1im. 9j S:afctieof followtn~ htm. 96 . 4· The aoClrine of !ifi te~pora!l ~n4 eLtr~tall. Verfe ~~.wh"foevtr wtO(avc hu life t;• .whrre u {hewed, How a life isfaved ana loft. IOI ·Who lofe their lives for Chrilh fake. I o4. Who may not file in perfecution,& whomay.ro7 :Chrifii3ns muft take their lives in their hands ; for Chrifi. n 5 Obje8:ionsanfwered. I 2.I Practices and Meditations preparing.for Martyrdome. / I :~.6 $.The worlds 'n'orthle(neffc in ;·t[petl of tt .route. Verf<u6.WIJat fball it profit am.t.n,&c. Wbtte u ]hewed, What the world and winning of it h. _ 139; _That wee mufi pre:tch wellformattcrand man. ne~ 14~ T~at-in weightie m~tters wee mufi ufe fpecial vehcmencie. I47That we are naturally :tdditted to the world.r 49 Where is treated of covcroufRdfe. If 11 r.aere is danger by-canhly g~ine [0 lofe the foul e. If 4-. How this commerh eo pall'e. I 5 r Damnable to .fceke the world out of order or meafure. '161 How to avoid the dangerofearrhlygaine. J66 Th:n many tore their fouks for the world: ·and w~rl~yb~ _ 1~ · -~ignes of Chrifl undervalued for the world. r 7 r Sp.eeches ofrheworllil how to be limited. 173 Lawfull callings abufed~ & c~llings unlawfuU.176 . . H(,)W

The Table. How wealth calls men b:tck in the '!ay offalva- · · tion. · 178 Nodeare gaine,n~r rhriv;ng in an evi!! way.~8o Further thy falv:mon by wealth: mouves: and . how. - 181. Wh:ttfricnds are to bee made py unrightcous Mammon. 184, Riches unprofi~able,how,& in wh~t refpcch.r9o That rhe fuu1e is a mofl prctious thing. I 98 ' Evils that hurtir, to be avoided. 2.0:. i\ great worke to fave foules. . . 2.0)' No hdp: for a foule onceloft. 2.10..:: The efiate of a loft foulc, whar.. .-2.1 f What mal<es a loft foule irrecoverabl('. 2.i4 All unable to recover .a loft foule ,~ how and why. - 2.17 .What ~oesro rne ranfomeofa foulc. 2.19 · Ufcsof thar doCtrine. 2.1.1 . 6. The lr(i j.dgement. Vcrfe 17. For the Sonmo(man {hallcomt,&c. T·l>'hcrein u Jhe ;;ved, hew Chrifr is called the fonne ofmm. . 2.2.8 Chrifl content with meane t hies. 13). fo lhoull ~too. i37 ' Ch1 ift comes from heaven, whither when. 141 The rimeunknown~,for fixereJfon~. ~48 Opiniom about it. · . ,4~ Meet Chrift comming to judgemenr: how. 25 6 OfChri~s glory inrhat day: ofpedon ~ office . 158 · P~ep 1ratwn and ~x c cmion, glorious. • 2.64 '· Dtvcrs forts ofev1dcnccs. · 2.66 Waitc aqd wilh for the appearance ohhis glory · 2.73 : ~n. . P.re 1¥1 c,.

7'he Table•. Prepare for ir,:md hmv. 2. 2o Angels number, rc:lation, office, comming with Chri~ ~7 The end ofChrifis comming. ; 1·4 Gcod works not mc:dtoriousas evillarc :why.32..l ·vvhy workes are the rnle of judgment. . 3.22. Whether the Law or Go!pdl bee the rule of judging. _ 31.4 The-la!l judgementglorious and righteous. 31.7 Live well and fare well in judgemt'nt. 3 31 Be patient in all confufion and injullice. 334 ,Be !incere in matter ofreligion. 335 Watch and judge thy fdfc bcforc~hand. 336 How to know wh!lt will b<:come ef us in· the day ofjudgemenr. 338 7. The Kjng,dome()fgrace. verre 18. Pcrily ];(ay ll,rJt(J JOU; 1 herebefome ftanding here,&c. · · wherein is jiJewed, Chrifts comming in h j s King..· domc,whar:. . 341·341· Opinions. 3 46' · Chrifts Kingd6me,andhowitcomes. \ 348 Kingdome ofGod generall and fp~ciaH. ib· ·How the Kingdome ofChrift comes. 3 ~o Ofthe accomplifhment hereof. 3) r Cbrifis Kingdomeenlarged in the Gofpell.J;z. Ev.idcnces ofChrifisKingdomeenlarged. ibid. Of the times when the G<?fpelswercwritten. 3 58 t Preaching and obeying the word adnnccs Chrifis Kingdome. 36() Chrifl: like to Kings,and fuperiourto. them•. 36' . Eminence ofChrift abgve other King.~. 36·2. 'Enemiesof the word, enemieS-Of Chrift. 365' · R.cjoyce.1 ,

The Table. Rejoyce intha thrivingoftRe Gofpdl. Hdpe Cbrifl: into hisThrone. How Chrifts KirJgdome is_erelted and ' tainedwithin us.. ' Defend Chrifts right :md be toyaii. 1 Motives tobe loyaU to Chrift. S. Tbe Chriftian Rau. 368 379 main- " 3-7l. 374 376 r Cor.9,~4. so ru1t th~t you may ob taint. Where i5 Jhewtd, The fimilitude, and reafon of it 3f0 That every Chriftian muft run. 3-f4 Ourlife in five refpelts is a race. 3 SS' Reafon! why we muft run this race. 3 )7 livm our whole life,and not atthecnd only.Jf9 Whoconccitnotarig~t of Chriftian profcf&ion. . 361 Motives to run as we ought. 361. DireCtions then:umo,and prep1rttion. 364 Hinderanccs to be removed. 3 &~ Helpes in running the Cluifii'ln race. 367 Conditions ofrunningaright five. 3.69 The right marke we mufi run at. ; 70 The ngb cway in whieh we muff run. 37 r The right foot wherewith we muft run. 373 The righunotion,humble, checrefull, confianr. The right end of running twofold. The reward ofrunning , no merir. How to runne and obtaine. Looke not b.:~cke. Refpcchhe way, and not by.. marter!• R:encw ftrength continually, and how. Encouragements'thus to run. 374 379 38Z. 384> ;86 387 390· 393 Excellency

The Table. Excellency and ercrnityof this goal~. 39'*- 9 The divine Teacher a.nd Schol!~. Pfal. I 1 9·H· Teach me 0 LDrd,theway, &c. where is foe:rtd, The Prophets holy prayer and vow. 399 What the Stamres are, andwhy Statutes. 4 -:::o Why called the StatUtes of God. 402. Their eminency above other Statutes. 404 The mer:.p!10rof a w~, and Gngubriry. 406 God teacheth foure things,above all teaching of man. 411 A good heart i!ili de fires to be taughr. 4r 4 That all true knowledge is from God. 416'· Wh:tt this knowledge bath above: natures reach "P8 In the meanes rrplire unto God~ 4-tr Miniftcrs mufr pray for themfelves &. their pco~ pie. 4t.3 That foundknowleJgeis everlmmble, and why. 4?.4 Defett of knowled_5e, whence. ·•Pr Knowledge of good men and others, how ir dif- , k~ ~[ Good men :.re ever_ d.fii-ousofmore holy know- . ledge. 4Jf what fe:trefull eft a.-s ignorance hlth. 4 3 ~ Bend1ts of knm~Vlcdge within & wi thout u~.4 }9 Motives to get heavenly knowledge. 44\ How unfeemly ignorance is. 444 Knowledge ddightfull to mans undedbnding · 44~ Excellent propenies of Gods way. 448 R~· proofe of them that dcfirc not knowkdge.

ledge. 41I Excures refuted. 4H Hinderancc~ of faving krto~ledge. 461 DifpoliLion to-ir, wherein it fiands.4J~4· mc~nes. Of vowes, whar are lawfuU~ End offound knowleC.ge isobcdi~nce.reaf. Notes ofone carefull to ~c:epe his way. 467 4f9 477 484. 10. Epicur~fme diftribed and d~(gracecf. Exod. 5 z..6. Tbe pe~plefote donme to eau, &c. r.Pherein u.fhe"ll'ed, that ldolau:icis eyer attended with floth and luxurie_ 489 People fecurdn Go, are neardl to mif£hiefc:.496 · Rules for e2tingand drinking. 5 oo Medirations in eatiQg :md d r~nking. ~ 04 Sports and recreations arc lawfull,.and how.5o7 In fportsis much fin. ~09 Choycero be madeoffports,~t o.ufe limited~r 12. Ourfelves howte be ordered in them. ~r3 What may nor be loft in piay. H7 II. Abu[e ofthe creatures rmldwfull. An Ap· pendix to the former. . . I Cor.r }. p .. l:tt Uf tatc and rJriltkt,&c•. wherein is taxed, the abufe of the creatures. fU. Heathens and Epicures abufe them 4 waies. ~ z.5 Rules ofrighru{ing naturall comfort~. f19 Timcsfe:lfonablc for fports. . 5'33 Right ends ofour Jibenies. 537 I l. The P by{itian of fllitlts. Lulte 5·3I. The whNle need not the Phyfiti... (1.11:,&C. Wherdn are fimdry general! nores. r 41 f·C!1rifi cakes our c~ufe:s on himfdfe. S 43. and 5 44 t None

None is whole, unldfe in conceit: :md how it uifc:th. 5'4' ,H6\r47· The miferie 'fthemrhac.arc conceitedly whole. $48 Difcoverie of d'ifcafe~ in the foule: foure figncs. N-9,Ho,5)l Sin is a moft dangerou-s fickneffe :. five refcm~ bl:mces. · S'f2,rHS54 Chriflisa moO: excellent Phvfitian: in five ret;>cas. ' f6.-I ,5Gt,56J Come to him for cure: and how this may be. r6r G.rear comfort to ;fflitf~d fvules. 51 r .to 576 Th~ author,mattc:r, and venue of this heaven!y ConfeCtion. 577.to f79 l The Phyfick precious and powcrfull : in live re-- fp~Cts. 58o,581 See our owne mWery, and admire Chrifts cure: five particulars. · __. 5b.to 5 88 Love we ourP.hyfirian : .and how. 589,590,~91 · How the phyficlds ::pplied: .to whom;Jnd when. 59:t.t0600 Notes to know we are cured: foure. 6oo.to 6o6 And fourc means to prcferve health in the foule. 'o6.to ulc. FINIS.

THE PRINCIPLES OF CHRISTIAN PRACTICE• MATTH.I6.24· Then faid Jefm unto hu DifcipleJ, If ""J man will come after me, let him don} him{elfe, and taf<! up hi& crojfe andfollow me, 2). For -whofoever will fave hu life,fl;alllofe it: anJwhofoever -will/oft bu life for my fak!,fo~IIl ftndeit. 26. For what u a man profiud, if hee foall gaine the -whole world, and loft hi& o-wne joule! Or what foil/! a m~tn give in excha11gefor hiJ . 1 fon/e l B ?.7• .F()r .I

2 7. For the S tJnne of man fot~ll come in the glory of h/4 Father, with hi4 Angels ,and thelit hee fo~ll rew~trd every man accQrding to hu work!s. 28. YerilJ IfoJ untoyou,There /;e fome ftandmg here, -which foal! l not tafte of death, till they foe the SQn of man comming in hu Kingdome. - ~~~~ He occa!ion of thefe words was the offence that the Apofl:le Peter tool<, when ou~ Lord J efi1 sChrifi had preached the doctrine of the Croffe, & had fore-told his own paffion and fuffering fhortly at Jerufalem. Hereupon Peter (as \ a Politician, turning himfelfe to carnall counfels)draweth his Ma· fter afide , and wiiheth him to look betcer to himfelfe,and wifely to prevent thefe troubles,~ V er. 22. Our Saviour now per· ceiving '

Occafl(}n oft he wordJ. 3 ---- ---- ceiving that hee went about to di!fwade him from that great worke, for which bee came into the world,& on which the falvation of the whole world depended, mofl: fharply reproves him, as a moll fpeciall agent ofSa than, though bee were his Difciple a thoufand times,Ver. 2 3. And yet, not forgetting his wonted ccm· paffion,taketh occafionthence to infl:ruft him , and all the refi of the Difciples;yea,and with them all Beleevers, that they alfo after his example mull: bee in a readi- . neffe to deny themfelvcs,and tak.! up hi& cro.fJe and follow him. The words containe in them Summe of the inflitution ofa Chri.ftian man, them. or of aDifciple ofChrifl:; who is here, I .Informed : 2. Confirmed in-the firft PrincipleJ of his holy profeffion. The Information is in Ver.2.4. P3rtr: The Confirmation in all the refi: . to the entl. , · . B 2 The

4 Three duties. 2-. The Text cleared. - -----·- The former is an univerfall ea- . non for all that meane ~0 give their names to the ·proteffion of J efus Chrifr, cOtififring of three branches, wherein they mun bee foundly initiated: 1. Selfe-deniaH. ·2.. Taldng up the Cro!fe.; · 3. Imitation ofChrifr. If any man will bee my Difclple, or, will foU{)w mee.J Which words concerne us alJ, not excepting or exempting any that intendeth foundne[e in C_hrifiianity : and no caUing,no fexe,no age,nor condition of life can free· any Chri{Han from the rMles followtAg. . . . objeCZ..C~riil: fpake th,em,only to his DifciplesJas th~ words before. ' Anfw.r. SaintMark faith (cha. 8. 34.) Chrift called the ·people or multitude, and fai4~ H,~efpake it :o ~H,as concerningaR~'J ,2 .By a D1fctp!e or Follow.er o'f~ehrift ,. in

The Text cleared. in our Text, is not meant onely thofe twelve Apollles, , who are fo call.ed in a peculiar manner.becaufe they were chofen to bee trained up & inftruCled in Chrifts own family in the future fervice of the Church: Nor onely thofe faithfull men and women, whom Chrift honoured to follow his owne perfon in the daies of his ·flefh ; but all faithfull ones lhat fha1lle'arne, b.eleeve, and pra.Clife lf.ilt:9C7'1£t11fl.i· ud.f4;s~ ,.c, b.?(fi.OV awJ 'ro,, f(9-5'11. w.}, d.Jmf, holy doCtrine, and follow his holy life ~o the end of the world: for thefe himfelfe bath honoured N. . , . h t.•. L L, 6 I ~mlrum Wlt tuls name, u~ 14.1 • if in tibtrtate •ny mt-tn come tn me , and h~ete n~t noftra nobu allfor me, hee.cannot he my Dijci- rcli~qrtens, ple.AEt.tt.26.the Chrijliani and ntru~ amDifciples were all one. . ~~!::]:~: If any will follow mee.J The [en.iniec. ~ Papitl:s gather, that it is in The Text our free. will to follow, or not. makes not But for free... will. I. Chrifts fcope is not here to 1 ihew how we come to him, hut B 3 who

6 I. Dif;iples ofChri[t,who. who they be that come; and not from the caufe of their cemming,but from the effects. 2. If wee will learne from Chrifl: the caufe of ourco1nming to hitn, he will not have us find it in our felwes,but without us.Joh. 6.44 .None comu to me,ut~lef[e the Father dr~tw him : his free-will drawes him not, Nature drawes him not, but the grace ofthe Fa- .ther: And Ver.4;. Heethat hath heard ami learned of the Father, comn Hnto me: Where this corn. ming is not afcribed te the will or f:l:udy of him that is taught, but to the excellency of the Tea. cher. But a more pertinent quefl:ion is,how wee may know that wee are Difcip!eJ and FollowerJ of Chrift. And bc!rde the £ignes ill the Text, wee fhall difcerne it by fundry markes :as I. The Difciples \Vere ca1Ied by Chdfrs owne voice , and depended

Di[ciples ofChrift,tvho. 7 pended on the mouth of Chrifl:. By the word of Chrifi: mull: thou alfo bee made a Difciple ; thou mufi be called by his voice in the 11inifl:ery.Doefi thou then cleave to the means ofgro\vth in grace, . & lifl:en attentively to the word ofChriil:? fo did the Difcip1es, and fo wilt thou. But if thou carefl not. for the preachihg of the word, if thou defirefi not·to grow in knowledge, but contentefi: thy felfe in thy ignorance~ or with fome confufed know ledge: If the word bee neere thee, thou runneil: from it; if it bee abfent, thou runnefi not after it : thou hereby fhewefl thy fe1fe to be no Difciple. - 2. TheDifcip1es being called, · left 110 for ChrHl: , and acknowledged ntJ M after but him, becaufe he had the ~ords of eternal! life. If thou alfo bee a Difciple, thou renouncefl: all other Mafiers, and all e1nployments that B 4 will 2. Mar. 4· &1J.8. Jl)h.6 6S. Refjn:ct Chb!l,& dep::ndance on him

Difciples of Chrift,who. will not frand with Chrifl:ianity. If thou be aDifciple,thou knoweft: the truth, and the truth bath ftt thcefree,Joh.8.3I· .Ofafervant of fin, thou art a freeman in grace. The Difciples walked in a courfe of mortification ; they fought not the world nor themfelves : they were no fwearers, gamefiers, deceivers, ufurers,haters ofgrace,lyers, or flanderers; and if thou be fo~ thou art noDifciple. 3. The Difciples wera called to be neere Attendants ofChrifr, to abide and continue with him, and performe all his commandements. John 8.3 z. IfJee a6idein my word,yee are verily my Difti.. pies: that is, ifyee continue both in the faith and obedience of m v word. Art thou a neere friend u~- tf.I4. 1 to Chrifi? fo were they. Tee are , my friendJ (faith Chrifl:) if yn doe 'lf1hatfoever I command y(Ju. The / 1 bell: triall .of thy friendfhip ~o Chn£1: i ' ~

D ifciples ofChrift,who. Chrifi: is in difficult, cofl:ly, and dangerous cotnmandements: So the Lord tried Abrahams friend1hip. Otherwife,why callcft thou him Lord as if thou wert a Difci- multfJttLu~ ' h ditores ple, and dr;eft not the t in gJ hee Thriv.~~ commflndJ thee? poph.Io5. 4· The Difciple$ were glad of Luk. 6 Chrifis prefence ; and \V hen bee 4 ~ was abfent,their hearts \Verefu// Mar.9.rr. of forro"W. If thou like\vife be a 1 Joh~ hl~·6 D · r. · 1 h fc I · h · oy 10 1m trctp e, t y ou e reJoycet 111 or mo the prefence ofChriil: , in his or- after him. dinances, in the directions and confo1ations of his Spirit: thou art alive when his fweet word drops upon thy foule , and thou droup_efl: when Chrill hath owithdrawne himfelft from thee in any ofthefe meanes of his prefence. ~m_icuf!J But canfl: thou be aDifciple (ex- . ltgu, ~ J d ) h fi d I pr<R{emzam cept a u as t at n efl: as mucq ejmnona- . fweetneffe in the word ofChri!l:, mat.Ct;fsiod as in the white of an egge? that inPfol.I 8. profeffefi thou hall: no comfort in the word;) but it is a perpetua11 B S: dropping

1 o Difciples afChrift,who. ' dropping and molefiation ? that rifefi: up againfi: Chrifl: for his word (as Judas) becaufe the word ofChrill: deteCleth thy covetoufneffe,pride,deceit, treachery,other wickedneffes? . . ; • TheDifciples had commifrDi- fion and commandement to """k! les: other Difciplcs, and fo did: They were diligent in their callings,& .exercifed therinthe love ofGod, · • 1 and love of men ; were fobcr, a.r9 godly, humble, walking in the · . . I fieps of Chrifb their lord & ~1l· · necftb~ I fter, fpending themfelves in do- :ing good to others,. departing j with dearefi: thing•, their names, •mOJ•zu_&.tul , their liberty, & life for Chrifi: & pro ' his Church. So the generall calmmtrtus 1. f Ch ·n... • · k n· manu ' mg 0 a rtu:tan ls,to ma e ' 1armm ~nob~ fciples,to bring men to Chrift,by 011Trtib~ inflruCl:ion,admonition,reproofe, propter~/.. · comfort ; herein exprefsing love lum.Ber~ · to Chri£1: and his m·embers : And ; to walke befeeming the Gofpel ; ~ for· the honour of Chrifi;making him ·

DifcipleJ ofChri/f,1:vho. I I him our patterne, and wlllkjng tU. he w11lk!d; of which afterward. In a \Vord, to be all that \vee are for Chrift, that Chrifr· may bee m~gnified by us , whether by doing· or fuffering) whether by life or deP~th. 6. Afpeciall badge ofa Difci- ·ple is charity: John I 3· 35. By t hu fo'al/ "" men ~now yee are m] Difciplu, ifyee loveoneanother. Every mans c;lifciples are known by fame fpeda\1 badge or cogni- tr fance : Mofes difciples by cir- ~an. cutnci!ion, feafl:s, and facri ~ces .. ·The Scribes and Pharifees difciples by fafi:ings, watchings, phy-- 1aaeries,long praiers,& the like . But a true note, whereby a Difci- ·ple ofChrifl may be knowne; is chri!l:ian love ;heing· an immedi- . late fruit ofchrifiianfaitb:where Gal; s that fire is,it ·will appeare in this f I heat and light; for faith '»'fJr/(!th I H1b. ~. i 6y:fove :and hee ~hat wa1keth hy f-azth , walketh In /ove ; and hee 2. C that

Difciples ofChrift,who· that is joyned 1to the He~Jd by _ faith, is united to the mem6ers by love. But art thou a Difcip1e,and ]i. vefi in uncharitableneffe, envie, malice, flandering, lying, or any the like tin ? l\now, · I I. ADifciple, i5 6orne ofGod, and beares the image of his Father_, who is love, I John 4.8. this then is a birth from hell,at1d an iffue ofhim,who i~ "ma?)-flltJ- - er from the beginning. - 2. The Difciples had the_prefcnce,leading,and inhabitation of the Spirit of God, and confequently, the bond r;f the Spirit, which is love, the fairefi: fruit of the Spirit, by \vhkh Chrifl:ians . are knit together, & made ofone fpirit. But is the ut:Jcharitable wretch led or inhabited by this Spirit,or by the fpirit thllt lujleth 11jter envit ? Such n1ay fay te Chril:l:,as the J ewes, \V e are none ofth] Difciples, but Mo(es difciplu; . ' '

Difcip/~J ofChrift,who. I 3 pies; or rather, wee are neither thy difciples nor Mofes, but of · Jannes and J•mhr~.s, and Judas, 2. Tim.3 .8. who refifi:ed both Mofes and Chriil. 3. ADifciple is amember of 3• the Church, a chiefe fubjert in the Kingdome of Chrill: ; but a malicious man is none ofChrHl:s Kingdome : for when a man is brought into the Kirgdome of ·Chrifr, the Lion and Lamhe feed Ifa.u.6. together, the childe and cocka- 7.8. trife : Now he puts off his fierce nature,his lionilll,afpilh,wafpiJh and poyfonfu11 difpofition ; he is now of a wolfe and devourer made tame and tractable, as a Lambe of Chrill:s fold, and as a childe ofGod his Father: in union both with head & members, and acknowledgeth all the tyes and bonds between hitnfelfe and his fellow-members : They are children of one Father and Mother, God and the Church; bre... thren

14 . Difczples ofChrtft,lvho. ( thren of tbe fame elder brotherJ Jefas Chrifl:.; of o~e houfoold of I faith ; fit at the fame table, clothed with the fame fuit£, heires John 4·9· of the fame inheritance; and can thefe live as JtweJ and Samaritaru! 4. The Difciples refpetl:ed all Niltam Chrifis commandements ; but 'ommendat that which above all Chrifl: was ch:iflitJnam, fo earnefi in they would not forammam • ' f :,iflget, hts ne'lfl commandement o lo- .1 ving one another : Col. 3. I 3. and . offic. 1 Pu.4.8. Above all thing.r put on ~r.cap.II. love. What, above faith, confiJoh. 1l34· dence, prayer:~and the like? No; faith is. the parent of love: but above all graces that binde man to man, of which the Apofl:le there fpeaketh. It is the finewes in the body, the cement in the houfe, without .which aU were but cabling and confufion •. He is no Difciple, noJiving fi:one,who is not coupled with this cement, called the bont}-of perfection. . · We11,

•' Sel[e-deniall,1vhat it is. 15 · ·Well , get thofe graces in truth,and be not difcouraged forj their weakneife. (For how weak were th~ Difciples while Chrift was with them ? ) Chrifl: will yet acknowledge thee aDifciple, if men doe not ~ and owne thee when thou darefi: fcarce owne him.• Here our Saviour propounds the firft note and tryall of a Difciple, the renouncing or for faking ofhimfelfe; Where I. What is meant by himfelf~. l. The difficulty of this pre- .cept. 3· Tl'i nece!fity of obeying it. 4· The ufe. For the firft ofthefe. By himfolfo are meant, 1. Thing1 outward : that is, concerning the outward man, yet fo neere~him,as they are after a fort ~ things. ·

I 6 S elfe-denia!l,what it i.r. a fort himfelfe : Not onely his ri· ches, which a man is willing to hold as fafi as his life; nor onely his friends, which are mofi: dear, as a fecond felfe :but even his name, his liberty, his J ife it felfe, . all w·hich mufl: be willingly and · cheerfully given up to God, ar d denied rather than Chrifi: and his - truth ; that a man may fay with Peter, Majl1r, wee have left""to -· 1ollow thee,114at.I9·27• • 2. Things ~n~ard~ \V hi eh ca ~ 1 1 m.. hardly bee dtfi111gtHihed from ' - himfelfe, and \V hich yet come neerer the quicke; as namely, a mans whole corrupt nature: And here, taking it topeeces, Firfi, hee mu it deny a1l the -wi(edome of the flefo, which is enmity to God. And till this be done,t.he.re is no favouring of the thing~ ofGod, no relifh in Gods word, wifdome, or waies. 3. 2, Hee mufi cleny his owne corrupt will , which is contrary · to

Se~fe-deniall,what it is. to Gocls will, and onely feeketh ! how it may pleafe it felfe. And till this bee denied, well thou maill: fay, Thy will 6e done, but it .{hall be by other1,not by thy felfe. ~ 1 3. He mufl: deny all his owne 3 • · corrupt,carnall, and unmortified : ; t -r:.ms and ajfeBions; as carnall i l•_J\1' ·', feare,hatred, anger; and the r like : for even all thefe branches 1nufi bee Rocked up with the ·· rcot. 4· He mu£\: deny all his owne 4· w 1cked inclin~ttivns, the frreames f?Zui deptJrr. l1: • • f I 11.it veterem and incenant trrtngs o natura I homintm corruption,. as apt to bee kindled cumoperias ~.ny Gunpowder by the leafl: bm rui&! abfparke: whether more common negat Jhp- , to the nature of mnn , or more fuJ?' .&~. HteHm.zn proper to amans owne perfon, as Matth. hafiine!fe, proneneife to revenge, to hatred,injull:ice, or the like. ) . Hee mull: deny all w1cked ; • habits andfins, the acting oflufl:s and vices ; as all intemperance, rotten fpeech, uncleannelfe,covetou{heffe,

I 8 Dt[ftctJlty of [e~f'e-deniall . i touft1eife, wrath, envie, pride, 1 idleneife,and the like; that a man Rom. Y4·7· l'ive not now to himfelfc, but wholly to Chrifr whom-he profeffeth to follow. Non dixit, In a word, a11 feife-refpeCl:s, n~get,fed felfe-feeking, felfe-aymes 1m1fi ar:~negp ,m b d d h Ch ·n· hac atl-ieai- -e renot:ince , an t e n 1-an uncttlaplu- ! wholly vaniJb into nothing, and rimum ad- . a11 things in the world become dat,&c. l drojfc anddoung in comparifon of Gree. I Ch . 11. Phff.3•7·S. '1· rtu:. I I Next, of the difficulty. Who The diffl. . feeth not by this time what a difcu!ry of , ficult precept our Saviour bath this duty. 'enjoyned every one of his followers? even the cutting-off of hands, and plucking out of eyn, the mofl: neceffary and tender parts, and cafiing them away. To difcerne which difficulty a little more difiincHy : Seen in 3 • I 1. ConfisJer the neerneffe of : things. , things to be denied. Were itonI. . ly in things without m,as to part j with friends and riches , . this - vvere

Difficulty offelfe-deniall. I 9 --------...___.-------- were a difficu1t commandement to fie{b, as appeares in the exam-' ples both of him that mull firft 6ury hu father,and oid his friends fare\\~ eH, as all0 of the young man that left Chrif\: becaufe of his p~JJtJ!ions.Butwhen it comes Mat,r fo clofe to us,as to lead us out of our owne rellfon , wljedome and juJgement,what an hard province proves it? For, who thinkes not his reafon neerer hi m than his religion! what worldly-wife 1nan can yeeld to that of rhe Ap,,fl:le, That he muf\: 6ecome ~t jcole to 6ee r Cor~3· wife? Toadvife a Jnan to defpife 11. lands,liberty,and life for his profefsion, were to wilh a man to hate his owne fleili, which no man in his wits ever did. To perfwade to the keeping . under of lufis,and to the forgoing ofdearling Gnnes,is,to cut them fhort of meat and drinke: thefe are fweet morfel$, which they hide under Job zo.u. their tongues,& \yill not 1et goe. l · 2. Naturall .

20 Difficulty ~f [elfe.-denial/. . 2. Naturall pride and felfe· love is fuch, that it is with us as with Solotnon ·in the dayes of his folly ,1£ ccle f. 2.1 o.~wbatfoever mine eyes dejired,I withheld it not. Nay, wee wifh fo well to our !elves, as wee could not offer the leaft: wrong to our leafi: & lowefl: joynt, nor endure it of others. We. are fo far from crofsing our felves ~ that wee endure not any other fhould croffe .us , ·or de:ny ns in ourperfons or corrupt lufl:s. Haman is ficke on his bed , becaufeMordecai denies him obeyfance. , If John deny Herod his Herodias,hee {hall dye for it. If Jonas lo!e his gourd, hee will be angry to the death• . If a man touchlamech, hee will revenge feventy times feven times. St.tch · ~ imp~tie ncy and impotency is in our nature, if wee bee cro!fed in our wil s. 3· 3. Difirufi: in God, and trufi: in the meanes, maketh the precept

Necejfity offelfe-deniall. 2 I cept yet more difficult. ·We fee not eafily how wee can do well I without friends,wealth, liberty, favour , prefennents . Wi(edome (wee fay) i& good with an inheril tance,E~clef. 7. w~e would be on the funny fide, and on the gatheng hand; and it is a fore thing / to for fake all ; which makes the young man goe fod away from Mac.r9.u Chri!l: himfelfe. God in his creatures \vee can better content our felves withall, than either in himfelfe or in his Son. Our unbeleeving hearts fee the gift better than the gi v- ' r. Wee cannot live by promifes ; fometbing we would have in hand, and are loth to let all our hold go. Ye feethenecej]ity offe1fe:de- .niall. Ou.r Lord was not igno.: rant ~how this precept ·is an hard faying, able to difcourage any from once . thinking to follow ht.~, -or~e~omea Difciple: And therefore nis greati . ·wif:edome would

2 2 N ecejfjty offe lfe-denia/1. 1 \vould not have laid this ground 1 fora foundation, if ,it had not bin ! fo neceffary' as without it the \ whole frame . of profefsion 0 Gxe re- · would prove- rutnous : For, . I I. The Context affirmeth a I• , twofold necefsity of this felfepcrit ho- ' deniall;both in the words imme- -~~~1n.~a diately going before (for withp1oft" o • b o·r:. 1 lfm,em·t Hr 0ut 1t a man cannot ee a . 1tctp e ltrte,anrto.!f. ofChri£1: ;) and in the words imcT·77· ' mediatly following: for where1..erjis. i as every Chrifiian mufl: bee acquainted with the cr<?ife,no man can take up his croffe patiently, who bath not firft denied himfelfe; and therfore that is rightly fetafter thiJ. · 2. The corruption of nature is fuch before grace , a~ that a man in .ev-ery thing is wholly tainted, w•H"~r:.rll,,u·- and contrary to tht image of God. Now all that vicious dif.. u- pofition mufi: bee renounced_, be.. rnm~t~tfkfu,m.l fore Gods. image .can l}ee· re~ew .. ti.3 • ed,even as all old rubbjfb mull:. be • 1 _:... carrted

Necejfity offelfe-dtnial!. 2 3 ~tried away,before a new frame . can be reared. r 3. All true wifedome is loft: 3. by the fall, and an infinite lumpe 1 of folly hound up in the heart ofe- , Pro. u.H• very natural\ man. Now though l true wifedome be offered againe 1 it1 the word, yet can it never bee embraced before the other bee difplaced, no more than light can be manifdl,before darknetfe bee chafed away. 4· The Gofpel offereth Chrifl: 4· as a Phyfitian only to the fie/e.! and Mar.9.n. difeafed, and as a Saviour to the & 10 ' 6 ' loft foeep of the houfe of Ifrael. And therefore neceffarily muft a man deny all the tneanes hee can make or devife to help himfelfe, before hee can come to fee what need bee bath ofCfurHl: .Hee mufi come firfi: to difcerne his n1ife- . rie and lofl: ellate, before bee can beleeve and relye on Chrifi for falvation. s. The whole fcoFe of the 5. word

' 6. Vtgila.{uper teipfitm, excita teip- [mn,atlmonc teipfum,& tftticquid de alii& fit ,non negligaJ teip[urn. Tantum profici~ , es,qmmtum . tibi ipft vim intukris.De imitat.Chi"i~ fli,l.r.C.1). Necejfity of felfe-deniall. Word is that golden rule of all the Law and Prophets ; namely, to teach t!s to love God & Chrifi a/Jovc all, and our neighbour for his fake tU our f~lvcs. And therefore that corruption of nature, whereby every man loveth himfelfe, and feeketh himfelfe & his owne profits, rather than Gods glory and his neighbours good, muil: bee denied before wee can take out any 1e£fon of. the word. 6. No obedience can be accep~ tably performed to God \Vithout felfe-deniall :for many commandements are hard and difficult, as that to Abraham of . killing his fan : many are dangerous that · may coil: a man his life, as J ohns Minifiery did: many are cofl:ly, and may cofl: ' a maa his whole efiate. Now never can any ofthefe bee cheerfully and willingly undertaken , till thefe fl:rong holds of flelh in man bee demolilhed. A man: may profeffe himfelfe a fervant

----------------------~~-~ j Mifchiefes by failing z 5 rervant ofChrifb but little is the fervice he thall do him , till this be done. , As wife ma!l:er-builders therefore are mofi: carefull in laying, the lowefl:and firfi ftone,fomuft w.ee begin the building ofChriftianity where our Lord enjoynes us ;namely, in the deniall of our I felves. Faile in this founda~ion, , and the whole frame of Chrifti-: anity tottereth,and falletluo the_ ground : For, . Feur~mt ci1. Can a fervant pleafe his vitates d 11 .- Mafl:er, or -a \vife her ·husband, AJ;amores who denies not her felfe and filb· duo :terre.. jetls not her will to his? And' nam[ci~iut fl h b d-1 .d Ch .fl: amor(ut, .canu t ou ee we we to ' rt ' que ad conand not fubjecl:thywi~l to.his ?~ umptum . ; 2. Whence doe m:en fdllow! Dei .:crefe,rtttti'fm , · the 'c1urfo of the"wlrld, and will ver..a b !Th b ~ t. h· · fl: Dez, q; . etaw0 _ t no .etter. ,·r. ey ·mu comempwm · fweare, and lye, and dnnke, and 1 flti.Aug.de raile, and ferve the times , and civ.Dei. · perfons, nd pleafures :) but be- '· 1 4· t caufe they think 'it foHy and pre- . C cifeneffe

~6 MifchiiftJ by failing c.ifeneffe to deny them(elves their orqinary liberties :tofollow ChrHl:: And, 3. 3. Is it from any other caufe that men thruft thcmfelves into Gods chaire of efiate, to revenge their own wrot~ ,and challenge, J & take challenges into the field, to the perpetrating of horrible murders, or elfe bafely fl:abbe and · wound ; but becaufe they thinke it difgrace and cowardife to de- · RY a mans felfe, and to put up the leafi: wrongs 1 ' . 4· Whence is it elfe,that ma4-· ny pretend to follow Chrill, but ·upon condition they may not deny themfelves? for they muftbe gainers· by their religion, which muft be another DiAna, 'to bring Ait. 19.•24• ·profit to the Craftf-Mafters.fuve . ; thofe learned· felfe-deniall, that · · meafure their religion by their gettings, but will be furetobee . no lofers by it 1 like the S lo)Ves,that will' take their Sum~ . mer

of ftlf~d~nittU. 2 7 ~~----------~- merwith us, but notour Winter. ~. Whence is it, t~at fome in cafe of neceffity can caft no part of thdr fupedluity into the Treafury , when the widow can ca!l: in all that ever lhe had 1 And Ananias & Sa pphira that aad not denied themfelves, could give three parts of their efiate away to pious ufes ; and bow farre are mo!t behind them, who profeffe felfe-denialll Nay, it is d1e fin of ma~y gre~t profe!fo~s, t~at what need foever Chrtll. th hts mem· hers bath , they mu!l: remit' no· thing of their coiUy apparre11, full d!et, and following offa1hions; :w,htc~ thew them.. /"vttr.t of pleafore.t f!Jore than of , God. Crumbes now. and then they can part withall J but endure no de· triment, no abatement. Thefe . certainly have· not yet denied themfelves. ... , . " . I 6•. :W.bence ,is al~ the denia11 C 2 of •:t 6• .

Helps unt-O felfe-deniaO. · ofCh~ift ;tthis d~, ,b'iit for want !f2 ui levirer -' acaefuna~.. of felfe-deniall ?.Why did Peter rieadpkta- deny1his·· tdrd, but becaQfe hee tu doctri- could not deny himfelftW hence . namacceffe- are fo ma'ny •Apoftates & Demaf. runt, -txa- [es in our ag· e,·thatfall to Popery, rutrunt. N~'-.orat.3 ·. to nove1ties;trr fa'lfe or no. w·o)'· ~ .. lbip;but for want of felf..denia]l? They muf.l:.p1eafe>B? rife, & ferve the tin1es & themfelves, and the appetites of Patrons ' aBd then farewell Chrifl: and his truth. · This _was the caufe·, that many Difciple·s wlelk!d, no. more· i7ith him,Jolm 6.66.forthey could not deny their ·own wifdGme to fribfcribe to his. And many am9ng the Rulers beleeve~ in him, but 4u'Hl: n,~t confeffe;him ; ' 6ecitufo they /t;'J)ed the praife "of me~ ·more. than t~e praife of9:Ud' c·hapr;1z. f2.4,3; .· _ ~eft. Bt;!t-: the 8uty being'fo : neceifary;as without it" can be ' n0 1 ; Chri!l:ianity,; and fo-difficdlti as . ' fcarce one Of i i tlioutanelriswwil- i · · ;' . ling '

Helps unto felfe-denial!. 29 ling to undertake it. ; what are /?2._J:otu.rthe helpes and meaaes, by which qui(qu-eh.ec wee may be forwarded herein l adimplcvit? for the Lord hath not left us de- ~~h:~fn~­ fiitute of meanes, if wee bee not dilficilia,_pewanting to ourfelv:es. nes.r:eu~ An[w. True :.And therefore, foc:lta. 1 ert. W fl: . . dttdol.~.u.. 1. ee mu not conceive It Helpes to naturall for a man to croffe his · further · corrupt nature; for nature forti- this diffifies it felt in.all the holds ·: It mull <mlt r:tty. be therefore a fupericur fire that 1 ~ muft defcend to make aman hate himfelfe for the love ofGod & Chrift. Regeneration isaworke · of the Spiri~, and fl:rength toovercome our felves is not from ' our felves. And therefore wee muft pray fo.r the truth of this grace ofRegeneration; and nev.er bee at refl: till wee fin de it in our felves in fome degree of it, en· couraging our felves in that promife that the Spirit is given to thofe that tUkf him, & is powred Gn the thirftJ grounds. C 3 - 2. Confider

.30 Helps unt1 felfe-dtnial/. 2. ~. Confider what an ad vantage it will bee to take ~ur felves in haad before our lufts be gr.owne ftrong in us , and how they are farre more eafily denied in the firft motion and rifir~g of them, than w ben they have feated themfelves with delight in the affections and members, and are growne from motions to aCls, from acts to cnR:omes, from cufiomes to habits, and from habits to another nature, that is, after a fort become the man himfelfe, that bee can as foone leave to bee him elfe, as leave thefe. And therefore wee mull: fubfcribe to the w ifedome of J efus Chrifi:, whoenjoy11es it as the \"ery firfi worke of Chrill:ianity, fit to bee nrll: fee upon. ' . . 3 ~ 3. As it muft be the ftrft ,foaliseit-acni- • fo the conti1tued aCl: of a Chrifl:iall rhe?rft 1 an to fiand in the deniall of him· & conttRU. t'r r . . :Cl: of a fe re , 1eemg the enemy conttnu1 ally ufeth our owne naturall inclinations

H tlpJ tmtfJ Jeife-deniaU. 3 I - ·--- --- clinations againO: us to our owne · hurt: he plowes withourowne heifers, even thofc lufi:s in any kind which he finds not-through· ly denied. Wee mufl: therefore inftantly watch them , and try them, and finding them corrupt; · prefently cut them of(, and 4eny them. . -. And becaufe they are not de- Ptnfom~ nied, till the cont~_ry be~ praB:i- quomodo d .n. b b h Paulus(e fe , cur care mnn ee t ·at t e .ab11e,avc. roome ofour hearts bee taken up rat,pJidictwith good defires and motions, bat,Vtvfl and the luftings of the Spirit,· a~~ttmjam which being contrary, wi_ll keep n_ant~J!.-x- tmtl~~J out , and keep UAder the lufts of qllippe /utthe fle{h. And indeed this is the rat ~vw _ firongeA: deniall of our felves, ilte perfle~~e when we are ftrongly refolved in tor,etvivnl our !elves, rather to bee fuLrerers 'ceperat._,pim w prtediclltor. than doers in any wicked motion; areg.inEand retaine with us a ftedfafi pur- · vang.hfm. pofe to pleafe Ciod in all things, 3'· -~ though it be with the difpleafiue ofour fe]ves,and all the world. J C "1 4.Whereas

·~----------~--------~ 32 Help1 unto felfe-deniaU. 4· Whereas the high mountaines of pride relifl: this fe1fedenia11, wee mull: labour for the grace ofhumility, which onely can bring thefe mountaines into a plaine. To which ead confider· . thy owne efta te~ 1 , 1. What it is by nature--i and that is fuch, as thou haft no caufe ·to be proud of it :as, what caufe hath a condemned rebell to bee · proud iri going to execution ? 2. 2. That it can bee no better by grace~ till thou bee humble : God gives grace onely to them ;. and t~e raines of grace fall otf the mountaines, and" water one1ythe .vallies to fruitfulneife. 3 3• . vVhat it ought to bee by ' grace. Sti11 bumble and lowly. Grace is as the light in the foulc, that difcovers all our defects and , lfpots,and an the nafl:y corners in 1 - 1 our hearts,to keep us low. · ~ • \ 4· What thou art re!l:ored to 1 in Chrift1 both in grace and glo- : l ry, ~

HelfJ unto felfe-deniall. · 33 ry, but all upon condition of felfdeniall : for neither ChriU nor the Chriil:ianhave any other way to the crowne, but by the crotTe; and no-reigning with Chrifl:, but upon condition of fuffering with him. So of the fourth meanes. 5. Whereas di!l:rufl:fulnetTe of 5 •· heart wedgeth and rivetteth us Alfoa· into the world, fo as a man can- · gainft di.. not eafily command his heart off ftrufitul: · h 1 fl 1 fi 11 . r· ( d nes,whrch t e eau. un a\v u gain o It an hinders it. tnnch letTe thewhole) for Chrifi; · Labour daily for the flrengthening offaith in the providence of God,and ~ring thy he\ar~to lean e. upon that, and not upon thy felf, or any inferiour meanes.. For v:hich purpofe, Firil:,confider what a bafe fol- 1 ly it is , to feek after vaine and earth1y contents, and in the mean· time negleCt: and defpife heaven- . ly. Whato~her is it, .but to catch at .iliadowes ? - C J·· · ~ ·.secondly,

34 Motit'eJ to felfe-dtnia/1•. : .. Secondly, f'et the promife ever before thee : that to them that feek the Kingdome of God firfi·, every g·ood thing /h11ll6ee mini.ftred-in due feafon.And what an·high,indignity is it, to null an honeft man on his word, but not God without a pawne? 3.:. Thirdly, obferve, his fpeciall ; providences to thy felfe & thine · for time paft , in all things , and j thou £halt not find· caufe to· di- : ftru!l:·bim·fbr· time to come. So ~ Abraham raifed that Proverbe, ~·; ·u"u ...... 4 God '1Pill provide in the Uf-!1Nnt, . and in the Mount God will bee 1 Sam.11-- feen. David can deny himfelfe '37•· and his owne fl:rengtb,Jcaning•on the aifured experience of Gods &:rength in the Lion and Beare. fl!!lft· But this duty being fo difficult, we bad need have good encouragements to excite our dulne{fe ~, and:pr:ovoke our back- · J . wardneife unto it. What fpurres .theref0re or motives have wee · to

Moti-t.:eJ to to quicken us thereunto? A.nfw. Looke what way wee will, wee want not motives un· · to it. 1. look at Chrifr ; he denied · himfelfe for us: hee forfookeall, father ·and mother, lands and liberty, and life it felfe , yea heaven and happineffe for us. Wee cannot deny fo much for him·; x. and all ours is but a thankfull re~ turne to hi m. . 2. Looke to the world,which .bath us in {itch bands , and is fo hardly denied :It will leave u~, and deny us ;the fafhion of the world pa!f-eth away :.it denies us any continuingcity here, denie1 us a refi:ing ~place, and all that we fhould deny it. It is as Egypt to the lfrael ofGod,--full ofburdens flsm, and oppreffions :. as Me(tch, to David ; and · it lhoald bee their woe,that they are forte.dtodwell in Mefech. But this is:.the. folly ofmen: Every one complaini5 of