Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

In weighty matters Thou art the man,This ha£1: thou done. Were not the Difciples of Cbti!t Preachers.of. .mercy , and. the bdl: Evangelical\ .Preachers ? yet what ibarp{wi'nts had· their do~rine to pr.icke and pierce the hea:rrs ·ofmen, t0 make thern cry ·. ~ out ~ Men 11nd 6rethr.en,what jh111l weaoe to befoved? A El. 2, 37. . Be a1fo contrary ·to th~ prad:ice of. the world, who moft difrafie that word whi eh comes neerefi: to the confcience, and n~erefi: tfie bad cufl:otries and fa.fhions of times and perfons : Whereas· indeed a good -heart honours the Word for nothing more, than difcovering l ~he thoughts, fecret fpeeches, and prad:ices: in nothjng more can it•be like to God; , \ an ~diot, an ~nfidell nowc.an ac- ' know ledge 1t to bee the Lorcls, t Cor,14.24.2).' Godu inyfJuofte ·truth. W hat· differenc~ ~etween1 Gods word and mans,tftt lhould ·hot rea.ch the confciencel Where 1 . . were l ----~----------------~---- ~·