Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

for the world. ------- of the valuation of judgement .: I for inftance,A worken1an thio.kes more of hi!J tooles, and an hufbandtnan fpeakes more of his husbandrie, than of his wife or childrenJ betaufc thefe are the objed of his labour;. but it followes not,hee loves them better, becaufe he·doth not in his jlldgement efieeme tbefe bettter .. Now let a Chrifl-ian prefurve in1 his judg,eml(tnt a better eil:imate of Chrifl:, and heavenly· things, and his fpeeches in things earthly. will fiill preferre that, and runne upon it. So ofthe two former prmofes. Thirdly,he lofeth his foule for 3 ~ . the world, that f,Jr wealth or by wealth hinders his owne falvati· on: as numbers doe by unlaw· . full getting the world, falling , downe ?efor~ _the d!vell for it: . 1 wealth ts even the dtvels wages . -~ f9r fome Gnne committed, being \ either gotten or kept by evill 2 . I 4 meanes.,