Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

7'he Table•. Prepare for ir,:md hmv. 2. 2o Angels number, rc:lation, office, comming with Chri~ ~7 The end ofChrifis comming. ; 1·4 Gcod works not mc:dtoriousas evillarc :why.32..l ·vvhy workes are the rnle of judgment. . 3.22. Whether the Law or Go!pdl bee the rule of judging. _ 31.4 The-la!l judgementglorious and righteous. 31.7 Live well and fare well in judgemt'nt. 3 31 Be patient in all confufion and injullice. 334 ,Be !incere in matter ofreligion. 335 Watch and judge thy fdfc bcforc~hand. 336 How to know wh!lt will b<:come ef us in· the day ofjudgemenr. 338 7. The Kjng,dome()fgrace. verre 18. Pcrily ];(ay ll,rJt(J JOU; 1 herebefome ftanding here,&c. · · wherein is jiJewed, Chrifts comming in h j s King..· domc,whar:. . 341·341· Opinions. 3 46' · Chrifts Kingd6me,andhowitcomes. \ 348 Kingdome ofGod generall and fp~ciaH. ib· ·How the Kingdome ofChrift comes. 3 ~o Ofthe accomplifhment hereof. 3) r Cbrifis Kingdomeenlarged in the Gofpell.J;z. Ev.idcnces ofChrifisKingdomeenlarged. ibid. Of the times when the G<?fpelswercwritten. 3 58 t Preaching and obeying the word adnnccs Chrifis Kingdome. 36() Chrifl: like to Kings,and fuperiourto. them•. 36' . Eminence ofChrift abgve other King.~. 36·2. 'Enemiesof the word, enemieS-Of Chrift. 365' · R.cjoyce.1 ,