Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

The Table. Excellency and ercrnityof this goal~. 39'*- 9 The divine Teacher a.nd Schol!~. Pfal. I 1 9·H· Teach me 0 LDrd,theway, &c. where is foe:rtd, The Prophets holy prayer and vow. 399 What the Stamres are, andwhy Statutes. 4 -:::o Why called the StatUtes of God. 402. Their eminency above other Statutes. 404 The mer:.p!10rof a w~, and Gngubriry. 406 God teacheth foure things,above all teaching of man. 411 A good heart i!ili de fires to be taughr. 4r 4 That all true knowledge is from God. 416'· Wh:tt this knowledge bath above: natures reach "P8 In the meanes rrplire unto God~ 4-tr Miniftcrs mufr pray for themfelves &. their pco~ pie. 4t.3 That foundknowleJgeis everlmmble, and why. 4?.4 Defett of knowled_5e, whence. ·•Pr Knowledge of good men and others, how ir dif- , k~ ~[ Good men :.re ever_ d.fii-ousofmore holy know- . ledge. 4Jf what fe:trefull eft a.-s ignorance hlth. 4 3 ~ Bend1ts of knm~Vlcdge within & wi thout u~.4 }9 Motives to get heavenly knowledge. 44\ How unfeemly ignorance is. 444 Knowledge ddightfull to mans undedbnding · 44~ Excellent propenies of Gods way. 448 R~· proofe of them that dcfirc not knowkdge.