Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

.... Defend Chrifts right, &e,~ - richeth them, by befro wing large gifts upon them, even his , whole Kingdome to every of them; yea whofe love is experienced by his death for his enemies. -3. Confider his prefence with his !itbjetls in all places and occa!ions: Hee feeth who makes his heart a-pre{ence-chanber for Chrifl:, who fets up his chaire of efl:ate the_re,who they be that take care nothing be done or defended againfl: his ]awes, in . his owne prefence, and ,who they are that fuffer his word to fway againfi: lufts. The very fight of the Kings f\vord fhou1d adaunt offenders : that is, tne pre[ence of his word in the heart: How much more fhould his owne · prefence provoke us to . all dutie and fubjeClion? ·r INIS.