Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

The C bri flian rJ) ace. . · . :JI- J.~ p,- - they were much addi J to gluttony, and pampering ofthe fklh : And therefore more fl:rq!lgly, both from his Gwne example, and by o.ther reafons, he urgeth the duties of Chriftian fobriety and mortification : as if bee had faid, If ye !hall obicct, that now your Chriltian hberty affords yotlt more intereft in the creatures; and comf0rts of life, than before; I anf\ver, · that I have as much liberty in them, as any, but for the Gefpel.r fa~ I forbeare my libertie in greater A1atters thaq the{e ; I might marry a wife, or I might require tny maintenance from tb~ Church, a's my right; but I fof the Gofpdl deny my felfe in all, I workc with my nands to avoyd o.tfenee : fo your liber- , .,, The fimi~i- · rode he here uieth ty in Chritl allowes you not any nte of the creature with the hinderance of the Gofpdl, Qr the lcandall ofother!. . And to · this bee addeth a ftrol'lg. '