Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

· ·to rltn jfetttiJ.-· .. __ .___ ·,pierce and prevaile, this will. ,·!he Excellency · is in thej .,~Or"th, content,fulneifc, par:re-1 Clion. .. · .. The worth: thou runnell for a·crewnc of life and_glory ·: no- ' ·thing in ~arth is fo w<'rthy, as a · crown~ and =kingdome -:.but th~fe are dead ~hings_in. comt'a·.. rifon, and -may end in lililonour. Th~ cenunt and delighl/is in enjoying a perpetuall tdl from . laecur, an euerlatti~g Sabbath, a 1 "laJHng fc;tfi: and fttpper ·~f th~ I.amb;a ~arr.iage-feaA: for eter· / ·Dity. F.~r f;~l,~Jfe and lt{,HnJ~ene~ : bere we o1lly tttJ~ dte goodn~ae ofG<>d, t~er~ we drin~ ~~·. the well-head,even fult~effe ;f '"J at Pfal,.rd,u. 'his right liand. Here wee ha Ye . drops, there we -'hall fwim wiih . ·~ivtrs of pleaft~re. Here . are fpoonfids,therc a Well oflif~. I ~ !. For perfeElit~~e : we ihall attarne 1 4 ;~irituall bod~es; perfecHy re·~ I new eel