Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

) ll ( Th~ eA/;ufl of CrcAtNr ;;- . 1 L ( -Certainly it is notnnlawfull One " we ..J d · k I b r.' f to eatan('j 'rtn e, top ay, to a ute o r. I . h r. recreate our 1e ves wit 1port, pall:ime, and muficke, or to enjoy the naturall and civill comforts and tlcfiilags ofGod in tbis life. . For G0d bath ordained, not bread onely to ftrengthen the heart t>f man,but wine to make his heart glad, and eyle to make hts fa~ thine, ?fAim.I04,I 5. tbings as well of pleafi1re as neceffit!y, tl'lings comfortable as well as profitable ; both to, make knowne his owxe boanty and large grace, and to encourage his fcrvants in chearefuUo.. bedie11ce. As for matter thefe outward delights are the goo~ gifts of God, fo Iikewif• are they neceflary ann wholef"me for our (elves, to fit ns both tG the chearefilllfervice of God, and to the perform1nce cfduties in ~he ipeciall calling, which ~re pam-