Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

not aftnner, he could net fu.rt tnd fHit with finneFs • .· . See th~ diff'ofiti~n of 'an hypo- • .eriticall enemy of Chrift. Nei- .ther the Doctrine of Chrift can ~pkate him,verf.1. I. WhD u this. t,/gAt bl'!f}hemeth? 'an llnJ forgiv~· -Jinnu6ut God ? nor h~s Itfe1h~-re.And both are fiilJ qual"- ·rened at, in .his fervant~ ,md Minifl:ers. Yet dare they not come o.. penlybeforeChrifh face,whom they ·kne\V able to defend himJdfe; bnt whifper behinde his backe, to his_Difciples : either becau(e they fuppofe them not to. be; iq ready toal}f\ver them, · ; or~? bring them into fufpitJ?n o(C:\\rtfl:, ; ~ ~f w4om they con- ~ ce~y~£1 ~~v:erently. Amd thus do hypocrites fpitefi1Uy . at this day ..· .. tlleydar~ not openlyaf- ! fault Chri~~nd ~fervants (fo~ · . .they know tJ:ley '--can defend themfelVCs: )b'llt lhootarrewes in feq:~ again!l: their D<A~rine Bb and 7\gu x. Ctmfi ne. ver h.p'ea. Gngtotbe W1dedc ~re z• . GraccanJ innocency tr3duccd · in fecrc:t.