Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

--------. xz.6.Rev.3.19· And, what befais thewhole , the parts cannot avoid : Jfil. 54· I I • he faith of the whole Chun;h, 0 thou that 4rt toj[edwith tempefts,&c. Secondly, there mufr be a conformity between Chri£1: and the Chrifl:ian , as benveen the head and the member. But it behaved _ Chrifl: firfl: to !iltfer, and then to \ enter into his glory : and our te- ~as, qui nure is the fame; the Difciple is ltcitate~r.~ .... ~~.,~··~ ~ · not above his M;frer ·if they call Je.c~~i& h . ·' . l Item ptr~ 1m Beelze.bub, · wh~t .ilia I wee frmmtrtr? be caUed ? 1f they dtd fo to the Hier~'l: green tree, they will never fpare the dry; if all his innocency and · wifedome could not fence hitn, no more will Gurs fence us :if they perfecuted mee, they will perfecute you alfo. j .- Twocau.. fes ofthe croHe neThirdly, if wee confider the caufes of the croffe, this truth \V ill be better c~red. One, the r~ge ofSathat( againfl: Chrifi and hts truth, who inceffantly temp- ~~~~anl D 3 teth,