Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

TheE pi file are the .Ajfellion.r, andthe Conc!ufion.r. The 'WDrldfeeth it in thofefamom divifion.r, ofGentilifme, Judaifme, Mah·omett[me, And Chrijfianifme: -wherein, tU any iJ mare throtlgh!J grounded, fo he u more refo!ved in himfe!fe,and dividedftomother.r. The Churchalfofleth and 6ewaileth it in her wofuH divijiont. To let paf[e the T6eorie, and confider the Pratl:ice (wherewith wee have now tu doe:) -wee foal/ eajily ob(erve in the courfo of Chriftian.r, that, tU they lq downe their Principles, andframe their plotJ and projeEl.r,{o their live.J~t/fo, anti particuiP~r pa.ffage.r thereof, are famed. The maine aime llnd' plot of 11 true Chrijfian iJ, to pleafo God 4ndfove hiJ. Joule . howfoever. Accordingly /;ee refolvn to denie himfelft, that hee ma1 give ttp himfolfe 'Jlthol!y unt1 God: hee feek!.r out after Chrill, nnd willget thu great pearle, though hee fell himfelfe out of all hil W()r/df.J endowment.!· ~tnd comfort.r: hee' meane.r afurward to follow ChrijJ,even through thzck! am:l thinne,