Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

--~~--- as our Head, condo1eth and compaffionateth our griefe. 3. In-that wee have all the · . h 3· Saints our com pamons , even t e whole Church, either going be-· fore us, or with us, or comming after us inthis way. How can we finke, ha-ving fo many fhoulders under our but'den ? or how can we mifcarty in a way beaten by the feet orall the Prophets,Apofiles, and faithfull Paf.l:ors and Beleevers in the world ?· Difcourage not thy felfe :fay not, never any fuffered fuch hard things as I doe; thy fufferings are no other, than fuch as befall the reft of tht I Fet.r. 9 hrethren. So of the former point. · 2. ChrHl:ians muJl! not onely heare the cro!fe , . but t~tk.! up ·the crotfe :_For it is not the taking, mull: or beariAg·, but-the taking up of/ up his the cro£fe that is:here a note of a crofie. Difciple. The worf.l: and wickedefl:hav:e often,as many mifenes