Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

'. L 53 the love ofthe Father is not in him, i yob. 2. t 5, 6. IX. Value precious Time, and live not in idlenefs : ípend time as you would hear of it at late, and as thole that know what it is to have but one fhort life to determinewhere they fhall live for ever. Hear and abhor all paftimes and triflings, that would rob you of your tinzç. X. Converfe daily in Heaven while you are on earth : let Faith 'till fee it ; Let Hope (till make after it, and let Love defire it, and delightfully remember it. There is our Fa. ther, our Saviour, our Comforter, our friends, with whom we muff live for ever. There let our hearts be as the place of all our hopes. And let the ftrain of your Religion be as Heavenly as you can ; Let it confiff in love, in unity and conr.ord, in the joyful praifes of Jehovah, and in a pure holy life. This will raife you above the finful love of this tranl-. tory life, and the fear of death, and give you the foretafts of Heaven on Earth, while you do Gods will onearth as it is done in Heaven. But it is the Spirit and grace of Chrifi which you muff beg and leek, and on which you rrmu t1