Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[ 52 familiar friends , and thofe fuck as are molt wife, and humble, and fincere, and cheerful in the belief, and hopesof glory, and fuitable to your ule and converfe. VI. In all doubts, and difficulties of Reli- gion,judg nothaftily before you have through- iy heard and tryed. Prefer a fufpended judg- ment, that flayeth till it have tryed, before a rail' and hafty judgment of what you know not, and may repent of, VII. Carefully govern your flefhly appe- tites and fènfe, and avoid needleff tempta- tions, efpecially to finful f l:afure. For lull will conceive elfe, and bring forth fin; and fin being finifhed will bring forth death. You will find fin and comfort contrary. VIII. Efpecially fear the flatteries of the world, and hopes of a pleafant life to the fle fa on earth, and an itch after riches, plenty or preferment, and defigns for the attaining them; love not the World, nor the things that are in the World, the luft of the fleíh, the luft of the eyes, and pride of life, the portion of the wicked, for if any man love ke World (for the Beth and it felf , )fò far the