Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C 21 Souls, becaufe of the dreadful miferies coming upon you, which inferiour Creatures will ef- cape. Without Converfion, there is no Sal- vation ; without Repentance and Faith in Jefùs Chrift, and love to God and a holy life, there is no efcaping the Damnation of Hell. Our defign is not to drive you to defpair, only to awaken you, who nave been ib long and fo faft afleep and r f ich an awakening Miniftry; if you fleep Rill and arenot fta.rtled by the lofs of your Minifter , we mt h ;fear the next thing will be the lofs of your Souls. Awake ! Awake ! Ye drowfy, fecure, Sleepy (inners, God calls upon you once more, by us he calls you to awake, to repent and turn from fin before it be too Iate,and the door of mercy. be Phut, and death flath unexpeaecily fúrprifed you in your fins. God by us doth command the vileft of you to repent, eArd.. 17. 3o. And he threatneth death if you difobey him : fhould an earthly., King command you to come out of a dirty way into a clean path, and that upon pain of temporal death, would not you obey? And -when God who is the King of Kings, cloth .command you to repent, to come out of the dirty ways of fin into the clean ways of:holi- nefs , and that upon pain of eternal death, 13 3 of