Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C 2«] there no hypocrites among you, painted Se- pulchres, rotten at heart, whatever your out- ward fhow and profeffion of Religion is ? Are there not too many among you who mind your Bodies, but neglea your Souls ? who make provifion for your flefh, but negleft your Salvation? Alas ! Alas ! What is like to be- come of you who are (till unconverted, and have not been wrought upon effetually by fuch Preaching, fuch a Miniftry, now this Mi- nifter is removed ? If youwere not converted whilft you had fuch powerful means, are you now like to be converted, when the means are gone, and you are never like to have fuch powerful means of grace again ? Did not your Minifter whilft alive call upon you frequently, and that with earneftnefs and importunity that you would repent , and turn from your evil ways presently, and that youwould not delay, left God fhould leave off calling you, and take away the means of your conversion from you ? And hath not God left off calling younow by his mouth ? And if you fhould not be effeftu- ally called at all, if you fhould not be con- verted whilft you live (which now feemsvery unlikely tobe) better had it been for you that you had never been born ; better you had been Dogs, or. Swine, or Worms, or Toads, rather than Men and Women with immortal Souls,