Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[23] priveledges move you to repent ? Will you flight pardoning mercy, and chufe rather to abide under guilt ? Is it good to keep wounds in your confciences when youmay have them healed ? Is it good to have God your enemy, when you may be reconciled ? Is it defirable to continue Children of the Devil, when you may be made the Children of God ? Will you prefer raggs before robes to cover you ? And chufe poverty when you may have Jewels to enrich you ? And eternal. mi- fery, when by repentance you may attain ever. failing happinefs ? There are three forts of un- converted and impenitent perfons amongyou ; fome of you are young, forne in your middle age, and fome of you are arived unto old age, we would apply this Call to every one. Firff, You that are young men and young women, repent ofyour fins, and turn fromyour evil ways whilíi you are young ; as you ought to remember your Creator fo as to turn to him in the days of your youth, fo you ought to remember your fins fo as to turn from them, in the days of your youth. Had any of you been born without fin, and lived without fin, there would have been no occafion for yoùr repentance; But who among you can fay he is innocent-? Have you not original fin and B 4 a(tual