Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C 24 aaual fin to repent of ? Will not your con- fciences witnefs the corruption ofyour natures, how averfe naturally you are to good, how prone to evil. Is there not a RegiFter in your bofornes of fins committed in your childhood, together with your more late and more ag- gravated youthful try nfgrefflons ? And do you not then need to repent ? Are you too young to repent, when you are not too young to fin ? You have heard of yofi h, who had á tender heart in his tender years; and ofTimothy whowhen a Child did know the holy Scrip, tdíres,which taught him the leffon of Repen- tance ; and if others have attained repentance in their Childhood and youth, why may not you attain it ? TheDevil will perfwade you it is too foon, and theflefh will perfwade you it is too foon to repent ; and your companions in fin will perfwade you to hold on with them Mill in your finfull praìices : many carnal arguments you may find out to move and plead for indulgence of your felves'till in your fen- Alai and finful delights; and you may be prone to think graver years will be molt futable for the ferions and fevere work of Repentance; andyoumay prefurningly hope, when you are gro*n up to years of more maturity, then you will mourn for your iniquity, then you will turn ovex a new leaf, return unto God and lead