Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[47] black garments ? you should rather joy in the thoughts of his joy, than grieve inordinately for the lofs ; efpecially when you think he is but gone before, and you may and will arrive at the fame place of felicity, if you follow his example,and walk in the fame way as he walked. Confider alto, that although your Minifter be gone from you, yet the word of God Both remain with you, to guide and counfel you ; to quicken and comfort you, and you have or may have ordinances with you, if you look after them ; indeed they will be no more dif- penfed by him, but you ought to biefs God and rejoyce that they have been difpenfed by him íó long, that ever you had filch a Minifter , amongft you ; you ought to rejoyce in the good you have received by his Miniftry, and you may receive further good by the Miniftry of others, if you fèek after it, and give your diligent attendance. Chiefly , Confider al- though your Minifter is gone, yet God is not gone ; if you are truly gracious , God will never remove his gracious prefence from you. If you walk in Gods ways according to the teachings and example of your deceafed Mini- fter, youwill have both the gracious and com- forting prefence of God with you in thofe ways: Therefore what things you have learned,