Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[46] joy there was in heaven at his arrival there if there were joy in heaven at his converfion, furely there was great joy at his Coronation, after he had done his work and been inifru- mental in the converfion of fo many, fume there before him, and others whom he hath left behind ; but O how full of joy was he himfelf ! How ravifhed and tranfported with joy, when he appeared in the presence of the glorious yehovab , and was welcomed into Heaven by his dear Redeemer ; when he tìrif viewed the glorious place he was brought into, and faw the glorious face of God, and per- ceived fuch glory to be put uponhimfelf, which we want thoughts to conceive and think how full his enlarged Soul is now of joy; you are weeping, but he is rejoycing, and he might fay (could he make known his mind) as our Sa- viour to the Daughters of yerufalen, Weep not forme but for your {elves. What, do you grieve that your Knitter is fo highly promo- ted ? Will you mourn for him, as if he were loft or annihilated ? Could you with that he were alive again ? Surely he would not for a world change his place ; nothing could per- fwade him to come out of the bofom of Chrift, and affunne again a body of fin and death and could you wifh that he would lay afide his glorious robes, and clothe himfelf again with black