Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

Aft. 20. 24. But none of thefe things move me, neither count Imy life dear unto my felf, fo that Imight fa'nifh any courte with joy , and the Mini/Iry which I h«ve received of the Lord jefaus , to teflif e the Gofpel of the, grate of God His hour being defigned to fuch a com- memoration of our decealed friend, Mr. Srubbs,as is laudably ufed at filch mens Funerals, I have chosen words of this Text, which the heart and life of this holy man did fo conflantly exprefs, that doubtless the farne Spirit fìiggefted them to bleffed Paul and him. They are the proefhon of a full devotednefs to God, in his Chriftian and Mi- nifterial work, notwithf}anding all expe&ed difficulties and oppofirions, which he reíòlved with unmoved patience to undergo to the joy- ful finifhing of his courfe, The witnefs of the Holy Ghoft, with his own experience did teach him to expeC bonds$ D and