Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[41 and affii6tions at Yerufa1em, it being the or- dinary entertainment which every where did abide him : but howmuch worfe might come he knew not, hut was refolvedlyprepared for all ; The joyful finifhing of his courfe was fo defrable to him, that no fuffering, though it were the lots of life it felf, did feem too dear or hard a means for its accomplifhment. Here is then, firít, The great and deferable prize for which nothing could be too dear. Secondly,The chearful reiblution of theApoftle to go on, and part with life it felf to attain it. The fir[t, though the words have no great dfficulty, yet as to the matter may need to fome , a brief explication. viz.. i. What is meant by his Courfe. 2. What by his Minifiry and teflifying the Gofpel of the grace of God, 3. How this was receivedof the Lord .Yefiu. 4. What is meant by the finifhing of his courfe. 5. How it was to be done with joy. 6. Why he was not moved by forefeen íùfferings, nor accounted his life dear, to attain this end. And for brevity, I (hail now obferve this method, to add the inftruftions and other ap- plications, to each part of the Text as I ex- plain it