Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

To the inhabitants of HorJley it Gloceflerjhire, and other places of the Country, who did ordi- narily attend upon the Mi- nifiry of Mr. Henry Stubbs, lately Deceafed. Beloved Friends, Lthough you, whofe Habitation is f remote, are unknown by face untous as we whofe work and Minii$ry is in London, are unto you ; yet becaufe of the great Love which Mr. ,Henry Stubbs (your moft worthy and laborious Pallor, and our moft dear Friend and Reverend Brother) did bear: towards you, whilft he had the over- fight of you ; we are willing to give forne Teítirnony of our great repes to the party deceafed, whole memory will always be pre- cious to us, by (hewing our refpeds to you in fending you forme lines to further your im- provement of this.fàd Providence which hat.h taken away your Minifter ; looking uponour felves as under a particular Obligation topay our mite, by endeavouring to promote the A fpirithait