Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

4 1 fpirittal benefit of Mr. Stubbs's hearers in the Countrey, after he bath taken fuch indefati- gable pains for the advantage and Soul welfare of our Hearers in the City. We want words to exprefs this fo great and publ%ck lofs, of this fo great And excellent Min leer ; who as he was ,generally known by the bet of people 'in the City, and adjacent parts ; and as his Miniftry was highly priíed; although but fornetimes .tatted when he came occafionally to London : fo his death both by Minifters and People here hath been greatly Lamented. But what Tongue can utter your fors, who were more efpecially under his Paftor'al charge and in1 etion, his care and inftrugkion ! We fuppofe it was grievous to you to part with him for a while when he came Taft to the City, although it were with hopes of receiving him again But when you heard from London that your Paftor was fallen fick, take fick in Preaching, fo lick that he could Preach (and then he was.fick. indeed), when. heard of his Feaver, theviolence ofit, and his danger ; O what thoughts of heart had you ? What fears did there then arife in your hearts ? What wreftlings at the Throne of grace ? Lord fpare him! Lord refore him to to again .` Lord tly u az,lin a little longer with this mercy ! kfVat care was there among you, and folicitude about his