Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

42 iàved without Preaching,or by it ? Ifwithout it, what reafon have you for fuch hopes, when Godhathmade this his ordinarymeans? what ever hope they may have that can have no Preaching, you canhave none that might have had it, and would not ; or that had it, and de- fpifed and difobeyed it. But if it be by Preach -, ing that you hope to be inftruaed, converted and Paved, what Preaching is it ? Doyou look for better than fuch as you have loft ? Or is fmaller and weaker remedies like to cure you, that to the last defpifed greater ? Secondly, And remember that all this will aggravte your tin, and rife up in judgment againft you to your condemnation : Do you think all thefe Sermons, and Prayers, and tears, (hall never more be thought on ? Yes ! God that fent his Minitlers, fits not fo light by their labours as you do. He knoweth,and thy Confcience fhall one day confider what im- portunate exhortations thou didft negl eft How on fuch a day, on fuch a Text,his Minifter earneftly pleaded- with thy Soul , and thou hadft nothing to fay againft the word, and yet thou wenteft on and dic }f} not repent. O for your Souls fake, put us not to come in againft you as witneffes to your condemnation , in- (lead