Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C 41 life, under the Miniflry of fuch holy men as I am ipeakiug of think in time I befeech you of these two particulars. Firff, What a lofs is it to lofe the bleffing and fruit of a holy Miniftry ? God giveth not filch to all the World. Many, Kingdoms of Heathens and Infidels have no fuch helps. Nay molt of the Chritlian World have too little fuch : All ears are not fo happy as to hear the joyful tidings, the found inftruaions, the clofe convieëions, the earneft exhortations which you have heard ; and thefe not mixt with the poyfon of Herefies. And will you lofe, will you wilfully lofe all this ? What ! have the beft of Phyficians, and be yet un- healed ? Have the beft of Teachers, that long, and labour, and pray, for your Salvation, and yet by ignorant unbelievers, or bafe negle- ters of this great Salvation ? Will you as Capernaum, be lift up to Heaven in mercies, and cart down to Hell byyour contempt, d that you knew in time how great a lofs it is to lofe one Counfel, one Sermon, much more all the life and labours of one fuch a Minifter of Chrift, that prayed, and ftudied, and la- boured for your Souls. Do you ever hope to be fáved, or not ? If not, despair is a begin- ning of Hell. If yea, do you hope to be laved