Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C44] a .joy as this. Our relation and labours for you make it our due ; fhail Children deny their Parents the comfort of their Love, when t is only their well doing and happinefs that they delire ? As Chrift and Angels rejoice at a (in- ners convietfiori, fo do true Minifters in their degree. And is it not bafè ingratitude to deny Chrift, Angels and Miniftet's this joy, by re- fufingobftinately to be favecl ? Thirdly, And why do you take on you to e Chriftians , and no more regard the in- tereft of the Church of Chrift ? 'Thofe are the Churches enemies that will not give up' them- felves to Chrift, that would not have hire to Reign over them, and fubdue their flefhly minds and tuffs, Lti&; 19.27. Rom. 8.6, 7,13. That hinder the iùccels of the Minifters of Chrift, that would build up his Church. And what is our building, but to bringhome Souls ? Our Office is not of man but of Chrift : He giveth us our Commiffion, though man deliver it us. He commandeth you to receive and obey his word which we deliver you, and terribly threatneth thofe that will not, 1-leb. i 3. 17. gob. i 3. 20. Mir- 9. 36, 37. Lukz 9. 18. &c. Is it not'rebellion againft him then to be re- fifers ? Nay what do you but as much as in you lyeth to deftroy the Minifterial Office, and 0.