Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C45.í and fo dehroy the Church of God. For if we are but to hand here and talk to you a while, and not to win your Souls to God , this is but an Image or Carkafs of the Miniftry, as to the fuccefs and end. As you mortifie all Gods Ordinances, and turn them into a lifelefs image, fo you do the Miniftry to you ; and make it to you, but as founding brafs or a tinkling cymbal Is it worth your tythes, or are we worthy of your reverence, nieerly tò talk to you, and never to convert and fave you? O the blindnefs of the minds of the ungodly. If the Seekers or other Hereticks do but cry down Minihers, and Univerfities, you juhly rife up againft them as enemies to Chriflianity, and the Church; And yet you your felves dehroy their Miniftry as to your felves, and would have but the name, and garb, and image; He that would have the tenth part of all mens revenues to be fetled to maintain Phyficians in the land, and yet would not have men be healed by them, is a foolifher and worfe ene- my to the Country, than he that would have none at all. Fourthly, And as you are lovers of man- kind, you fhould not deny us fo reafonable a joy,