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Houle of Commons on.the Fall, January. 28.164 T. weathercock points towards the Sun, namely, be- caufè the winde and Sun are both in one corner. If the winde turn, it turns away alto. 2 . Clean fe and pairifie , xx9,07uTE,ÿ yvíac , thefe words are promifcuoufly, and indifferently ufed by the Septuagint, to interpret. the Hebrew vvords that lignifie to cleanfe and Puri fie ; and there is in thefe words an allufion to legali uncleannelfes, and the purifying of them ; for as in the law, be- fore an unclean perfon might draw nigh to God, he muff be purified from his uncleaneneffe : fo thole that will draw nigh to God , or would have God draw nigh to them , muff cleanfe their hands, and purifie their hearts. The Heathens had their ceremonious wafhings, and purifyings , as preparative to their facrifices. and prayers; and this heart- purifying,.and hand-clean- fing, is that purgatory thorow vvhich vvee mutt go, if we will draw nigh to God in vvorfhip and com- munion ; God will be ferve.d with cleane crea- tures.. 3. ,Hands and hearts. The heart is the' womb, vvhere luft is vvarmed and conceived ; the fhop, where the forge , anvill , bellowes fire are for the forming of luft, and making of it. ready. The hands are put for the executive and inftrumentall powers, that bring it forth to light, and a6t it; é Te ¿J t cS T» ct A4 77çt, Rom. 6. 13. the vveapons of unrighteoufneffe unto fin : In íhort, the outward and inward man being filthy and unclean, muff be purified from corruption of heart and life. ror he that Bath cleane hands, and a pure heart, rf4t. EO lava'um;uP ¡acrificem, rru c. 1a1a14tat rem diviná faciam. Pl3ur. inaulul. rt J.cGV_ÆY` ,y ?.c, rzç se,g,i 65 xfnor ä veoxw v. Plutarch. irt M4rio.-